BLUE JASMINE May Strike Gold at the Oscars

The latest movie directed by Woody Allen is Blue Jasmine, a film starring the talented and captivating actress Cate Blanchett.

Blue Jasmine shows the audience two versions of the same woman. We see Jasmine’s story unfold in the past and present. Jasmine is a New York socialite who has fallen on hard times and is forced to camp up with her adopted sister in an apartment above a café in San Francisco.

Sally Hawkins plays Ginger, the feet on the ground sister to Blanchett’s Jasmine. When Jasmine arrives at her sister’s home, she describes it as ‘homey’ – meaning cramped and not to her taste. Jasmine is in a bad place as her ex-husband Hal – played by Alec Baldwin – has been caught for tax evasion and fraud. However, she still decides to travel first-class to San Francisco with designer luggage in tow.

It seems that denial of reality has been a constant state for Jasmine – as we see in her flashbacks to life with her husband. She often chose to look the other way in regard to his shady business dealings as well to the affairs he pursued during their marriage.

By the time Jasmine arrives in San Francisco the Xanax she’s taking is barely holding her together and all her neuroses are clearly on show. This is a role that is perfect for the acting prowess of Cate Blanchett, though you might find the scene when she starts talking to herself out in the street a bit overdone. However, overall Blanchett is great at convincing her audience that Jasmine’s a bag of nerves.

Her sister Ginger’s love life is a sub-plot to the film, with a line-up of unappealing and aggressive boyfriends featuring – including a great performance by Andrew Dice Clay as her ex-lover. The main theme of Allen’s film seems to be the illustration of the fact that though a person like Jasmine can seem to have everything through money, she actually doesn’t have any of the things that are really important in life – calm, love, or security. It’s not too painful to watch though, as Blanchett injects plenty of humour into her character.

Blue Jasmine has already earned Blanchett rave reviews for her performance and she’s tipped to be in line for some Oscar Best Actress glory next year. If you don’t get the chance to see it at the movies, it’s certainly one that won’t lose its magic on a smaller screen. If it’s not already available, it’ll soon be possible to stream Blue Jasmine at home, rather than pay to go and watch at the movies. And with the great deals from www.bundle.tv now available you could save the cost of a pair of movie tickets and be well on your way to paying half of the first month’s subscription for your internet connection, TV and phonecalls all in one go.

Of course, getting a great deal on streaming movies online won’t mean the end of all trips to the movies, but you may as well save those big screen viewings for blockbusters packed with special effects rather than sensitive comedy dramas that are just as much fun to view at home.

Do you think Cate Blanchett should win Best Actress? What about Blue Jasmine for Best Movie? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Alex Jackson

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