Big Toonami News: An Extra Half Hour, World Premiere of Space Dandy

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Good morning! Hope you had a good night’s rest. While you were out cold, busy dreaming of whatever it is you dreamed about, the folks at Toonami popped some huge news.

A few big things happening here in this morning’s Tumblr post:

  • The block will expand to 11:30 PM starting in January
  • The block will premiere a brand new anime series BEFORE IT PREMIERES IN JAPAN
  • The block will give you a whole bunch of goodies in the coming months including a three-week movie special event in December
  • The block will air some surprises in the daylight savings hour (2AM) on November 2nd

How’s that for a news bomb?

Most of the big stuff is outlined right there, but let’s take a look at what is the most massive news to come out of this morning’s Tumblr post: Toonami’s expansion half-hour at 11:30 on January 4th will be occupied by the world premiere of the anime Space Dandy, a brand-new 26-episode series by Shinichiro Watanabe, creator and director of Cowboy Bebop and former Swim program Samurai Champloo. The show is animated by Studio BONES, who also brought you FMA and Soul Eater. The brand new sci-fi show will star Dandy, an alien hunter, searching for aliens with his assistant QT (a robot) and an alien named Meow (a cat alien). The teaser trailer, if you haven’t seen it, will give you a bit of a feel for what to expect from Space Dandy, a show about “a dandy guy in the space”. Check it:


If that doesn’t make you excited for this, I don’t know what will.

The show is 26 episodes long and will premiere in the United States on the good ol’ Toonami block before it premieres anywhere else. This is huge for Toonami and a brilliant move for the block: anyone already aware of the show is pretty dang excited for it to premiere. This way, they get to see it on television, for free, in HD, and they still get to help out the block and help out a vehicle for anime in the USA thrive. This could also help curb the not-so-legal methods some use to watch anime a little bit. A huge get for the block, a huge get for anyone who loves anime and loves animation in general. Set your sights for January 4th at 11:30 PM.

We’ll let you know about the other surprises Toonami promised us in their post this morning (the movie event, specifically) when details are available. If you have anything to ask the Toonami crew, they’ll be doing a Q&A on their Tumblr this coming Sunday starting at 11 AM EST.

There’s a lot on your plate here, thanks to these guys. Eat it all up.

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