Ben Kingsley Spills on Upcoming Secret Marvel Project

Weeks ago, news came out that Ben Kingsley had shot something in secret for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rumors swirled that it could be anything from a cameo in an upcoming film, a stint on Agents of SHIELD, or a One-Shot short film for the DVD/Blu-ray Release. Well, thanks to the hardcore sleuthing over at Latino-Review, we now know what the knight has been up to recently.

Warning: Spoilers for Marvel films, especially Iron Man 3, ahead!

Comic book fans were disappointed, to say the least, in how the villain Mandarin was handled in Iron Man 3. Instead of being a formidable force wreaking havoc against Iron Man and the other Avengers, he became a bumbling, drug addicted puppet of Extremis and Aldrich Killian. While this was a surprising twist, it diminished what was once a great villian to a punchline.

It seems Marvel has realized that sidelining one of its greatest villians was a mistake and are trying to retroactively explain just who exactly is the Mandarin. In an upcoming Marvel One-Shot, presumably that will be on the Thor: The Dark World DVD/Blu-ray release, the real Mandarin will set the record straight. Now what does that mean exactly? Details are scarce, but it reveals that Aldrich Killian was not the real puppetmaster, likely a pawn in the real, never before seen Mandarin’s plans.

Are you excited to see the real Mandarin? Sound off in the comments!

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