Anthony Mackie says CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 looks Amazing, talks about getting in shape for Falcon

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Anthony Mackie talked about Captain America: The Winter Soldier during a recent interview with Rolling Stone. Mackie revealed that the movie looks amazing, he talks about getting in shape for his role, his multi-pic deal and more. Keep reading for the interview thanks to CBM

Here is what he said about getting in shape:

“I wanted Falcon to be really lean, so it couldn’t have worked out better timing wise. I worked so hard to get my body in shape that I wanted to show it off. So I told Marvel I just wanted to be in spandex. But they decided that they wanted Falcon to be more of a military character, which I’m not complaining about, because my gear looks dope and I get to kick a lot of ass. Ever since I got in good shape, though, I’m all about spandex.”

What he said when asked if he was nervous about what people would think of him playing Sam Wilson/ Falcon:

“You know what? The comic book world is 100 times more fickle than movie audiences, so I’ve been trying to avoid reading any fan blogs or thoughts on how I might be a miscast or whatever.”

His thoughts on the footage that he’s seen of the film:

“Yes, and it looks amazing. It’s so much bigger than everyone thought it would be, and we’re kicking a lot of ass. It’s a lot of fun to be a part of, especially with Samuel L. Jackson, who’s been my mentor for so many years.”

Here is what he said about various Marvel actors signing multi-picture deals and learning about sequels second-hand:

“It can be frustrating at times, because if you’re not “in house” with them, if you’re not one of the people making the vision and you have no way of knowing what’s going on. It’s kind of like a sports game – something great can happen at any moment. One day you’ll get a call from Marvel that’s like, “Hey, we need you in New Mexico right now for The Avengers 2.” I’d ride a moped to that set if I had to. My friends keep saying, “you’ll be doing these forever,” but I don’t know about that. If it works out, it works out. It’s all very hush.”

What he had to say about working with Chris Evans:

“We’ve been friends for about four years now, and we also have A Many Splintered Thing coming out soon. I’m going to visit him while he’s directing his movie 1:30 Train. I’ll bring him a beer at the end of the day and make sure that he doesn’t mess it all up…We’re like Ebony and Ivory!”

Check out some photos of Mackie in costume:

I would love to see Anthony Mackie as Falcon in other films. One of the things I loved about the Avengers is the continuity of the cast. Sequels are never as good if the original actors are not reprising their roles. Are you looking forward to seeing Anthony Mackie as Falcon?

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