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ANNOUNCEMENT: New Video Games Editor at ScreenInvasion

Hey there, everyone. Welcome to the Video Games Section of My name is Carl Wilhoyte, and I’m the new Video Games Editor for ScreenInvasion. That’s right. You may remember my long-winded, hoitey toitey articles about military shooters, that SNAKE gif you saw on Facebook, or how much I really didn’t like the Xbox One when it was first announced (hint: I f’ing hated it). I wrote very intensely for ScreenInvasion for about 4-5 months before I took a short sabbatical to travel the world. And by the world, I mean my office and bathroom and kitchen for snacks. But now I’m back, baby. I’m going to be running the show here for the forseeable future as the Video Games Editor. That’s right. I’m Master Blaster and this is Bartertown.

“He has the mind of a child!”
“He has the mind of a child!”

Or maybe I’m Tina Turner. I don’t know, I do have nice gams, but I can’t sing for shit. But I do know a thing or two about them “vidya gaems” or “electronic demon machines”, as our fine elected leaders have come to call them. In the upcoming future, here’s some changes you can expect to the Video Games Section. First of all, it’s going to be updated every single day. Including Christmas.

I’ve never been a big fan of regurgitating press releases, even though that’s part of the deal. The Video Games Section here won’t just be about announcements for games you already know are coming out. Those are okay, but you can get those anywhere. We’re going to be examining how games fit into a larger amorphous culture. It’s not just about what’s happening, but why and how that affects a growing and expanding culture of interactive entertainment. Mostly how that changes at a scary pace, rife with our trademark scorn and derision out of fear of a changing world leaving us behind in the bitter swamp of wasted young and regret. I mean, playful sense of satirical irony!

“Bastion, Call of Duty is just a mindless dry hump of military fetishism. Just give up and buy it already.”
“Bastion, Call of Duty is just a mindless dry hump of military fetishism. Just give up and buy it already.”

We’re going to have several categories underneath the Video Games link on the main menu bar above:

  • News: delicious, candy-like nuggets of daily tidbits. 100% sawdust!
  • Features: Longer, smarter, yet still adorably naive. A once-a-week delousing of video game culture.
  • Reviews: Featuring such metrics as “Can I Get Gay Married?”, “Games Ripped Off”, and “Congressman Most Likely to Offend”. Patent-pending.
  • Interviews: I occasionally will ensnare a hapless developer or artist with my masculine wiles and force them to answer questions. Like I said, I have nice gams.
  • Trailers: When I browse YouTube late at night, I find things I shouldn’t. They go into the bookmark folder labelled “Toxic”. If they’re trailer for games, they go here.

In the short-term, here are some other features we plan on rolling out:

  • More spotlight on independent, bleeding edge games. Everyone knows Madden and FIFA is coming out next year. I’m more interested in what’s being missed, but is still valuable.
  • Expanding to include mobile, boardgames, and tabletop games. So put on your robe and wizard hat!
  • A weekly or biweekly podcast on video game news and grumblings. I don’t know if the universe needs another podcast about video games. Wait. Yes, it does.
  • More interviews and company profiles. John Carmack has still not returned my requests or perfume-scented letters I keep sending him.

Video Games at ScreenInvasion is going to get bigger and badder and ‘MURICA. It’s going to be awesome. Or a horrible failure. Or both!


Writers Wanted Hey. Pssst. Hey, kid. Wanna to write about video games? I’m looking for 2-3 writers with a strong sense of individual authorship and voice, who are self-motivated, and can regularly produce 3 posts a week with the occasional feature. Contact me at with some writing samples and a short cover letter.

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Carl Wilhoyte

Carl Wilhoyte is the Video Games Editor of a class warrior poet who writes about all things video games. He's sure everything is not under control and is not going to be okay. For a good time, follow his angry rants and smart thoughts on Twitter: @carlwilhoyte.