Our 10 Favorite NYCC Cosplay Pictures From Day 1

New York Comic-Con is underway! The exhibit floor is packed to the brims with collectibles, comics, and of course cosplay. Merrill Barr has been roaming the floor and snapping pics of some of the best costumes of the day.  We’ve posted nearly 50 photos over on our Facebook page, but we just wanted to highlight our NYCC cosplay favorites here as well. Do you recognize all the characters in play?

Breaking Bad
Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Jay and Silent Bob
Green Arrow
Han Solo in Carbonite
Han Solo in Carbonite


And just because, one for you Agents of SHIELD fans:

Don’t touch Lola.

Stay tuned for more coverage from the convention, including interviews with talent from Teen Wolf, The League, Legends of Korra, and so much more. Want more from the convention floor? Be sure to follow our reporters at the event!

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