Wheel of Time fans will get a taste of a taste of what it would be like to watch their favorite book series as a live-action film called Flight from ShadowThe Wheel of Time saga, written by Robert Jordan and then posthumously by Brandon Sanderson, takes place in our past and in our future. One man learns that he is the savior of the world who is fated to save everyone from an evil known only as “the Dark One.”

Flight from Shadows screen 1

After narrowly escaping an ambush in the town of Whitebridge and walking for days on the Caemlyn Road, Rand al’Thor and his companion Matrim Cauthon seek rest and shelter in the Dancing Cart-Man Inn at the village of Four Kings. After bargaining for one night’s room and board with Saml Hake, the duo soon discover that the servants of the Great Lord of the Dark are hot on their heels. Deceived by Hake and his henchmen, Rand and Mat find themselves trapped in a storeroom, forced to use the forbidden energy of the One Power for their very survival.

Directed by David A. Skousen, Flight from Shadow takes a chapter from the first book of the series, The Eye of the World, and brings it to life with amazing donated set pieces and volunteer actors and crew. For a behind the scenes photography, visit Abbie Warnock‘s website.

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