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TIFF Report Day 8: Miyazaki’s Animated Biopic & Masturbation Issues

Today was a day of firsts. Today was the first time I watched a shorts cuts programme at TIFF (liked 6 of the 7 shorts shown), I saw my first Miyazaki film on the big screen and generally had a great weird time. I am not going to mention my Shorts viewing in below or the Midnight film R100; because I don’t feel properly prepared/qualified to discuss them in any level of detail.

THE WIND RISES (dir. Hayao Miyazaki)

The Wind Rises

Hayao Miyazaki is best known for his epic fantasy tales that take us into lands we’ve never seen. So what happens when he announces his final film is to be a two hour plus biopic about the life of Jiro Horikoshi, the man who developed the Japanese fighter planes used in WWII? The answer is utter brilliance.

Miyazaki plays to his strengths while at the same time merely grounding our story in reality with much smaller stakes at hand than normal. His visual style still lends itself to overexuberant comedic moments and the drama envelopes you with the famed director’s style and mannerism of expressing not just Jiro’s state of mind but his imagination. While the film never goes to a level of Paprika, we’re taken into not only his dreams but his general visualization of his work in ways that live action movies can’t quite seem to get perfect without seeming gimmicky.

Grade: ★★★★★

MOEBIUS (dir. Kim Ki-Duk)


If I promised you one of the most awkward engaging ninety-minute long dialogueless film that involved the severing of penises, would you still go and watch it?

Moebius is one of the best made films I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m unsure if it’s that I’m still attempting to reconcile my own feelings as to how I ended up “enjoying” this movie this much or am able to admit that this movie was able to hold my attention for this long without one word of dialogue and at the same time convey so much just through setting and action.

Like his previous film, Pieta, there are a lot of sexual themes and moments in this film that will leave the audience tested to reach completion (pun intended). However, unlike Pieta the sexual tension is all that’s in this film and we’re left with not much else… but that’s okay.

Grade: ★★★★★

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