STAR WARS 7 Looking at Saoirse Ronan, Michael B. Jordan and More

Latino Review is at it again! While there’s no official casting news yet, today has been a deluge of casting rumors based on meetings and interest.

Today no less than four names are in the mix for unnamed characters, the biggest of which is of course Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s been denying the rumors, but this could be a case of deja vu – he denied being Khan until the bitter end…err, I mean, the film’s release. According to Latino-Review, his role will be small in Star Wars Episode VII but the character will play a much bigger part in Episode VIII and IX. 

star wars 7

Next up is wunderkind Saorise Ronan. She’s a fantastic fit for this franchise, so I hope this one pans out. If you’ve seen her work in Hanna, you know she can handle action, drama, and intensity. Definitely take this one a grain of salt though, since she just recently passed on the role of The Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron, another Disney property.


The latest casting rumors are adding in a dash of diversity, which is where my interest definitely piqued. Friday Night Lights star Michael B. Jordan is in the running for an unnamed character. He’s on his way to becoming the biggest star out of that show.

david star wars 7


He’s put in solid performances in Chronicle and Fruitvale Station, the latter could even get him some awards this season. He’s also in the upcoming bromance/buddy movie That Awkward Moment with Zac Efron and Miles Teller. He can handle humor, heart, romance….basically the kid can do it all.


I’m very excited to see him up for a role in the largest movie franchise in history. The chances of him getting in the film are pretty good, considering he met with JJ Abrams personally.


Not sure the others can claim the same.



And lastly, according to their sources, The Butler’s David Oyelowo went in for an unknown role. I’m not as familiar with his work, but he turned in a solid performance in the Lee Daniels pic.


What do you think of these casting rumors? Anyone you’re dying to see in the Star Wars franchise?


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