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Mondo Unveils TIMECRIMES As Its Latest Vinyl Soundtrack Release, Will Debut At Fantastic Fest

Mondo’s commitment to vinyl soundtrack releases this year has been impressive, immersive and quite eclectic. Rather than lingering within a specific genre, Mondo has created a sort of round robin of releases, with fans and collectors never knowing what’s coming next. In a year that started with The Deadly Spawn and most recently saw a Studio Ghibli compilation see the light of day, the next release could have been just about anything. 

Gatefold art by WeBuyYourKids Photo by Billy Garrett
Gatefold art by WeBuyYourKids/ Photo by Billy Garrett

Timecrimes, directed by Nacho Vigalondo, is a 2007 film that takes an interesting and creative look at time-travel. Filmmaker Eugenio Mira composed the soundtrack himself, which is a quite minimal affair but manages to be affecting all the same. Mondo collaborated with writer/composer Brian Satterwhite on the project. Over at the Mondo Blog, Satterwhite had this to say.

Timecrimes has been hailed by critics and audiences alike as one of the best time-travel films of our time. Much of the film’s success relies heavily upon Eugenio Mira’s masterful score. His minimalistic approach maximizes the subtle tones and nuances of the narrative with surgical precision while adding a highly refined layer of polish to this high-concept science-fiction thriller.”

Much like most of Mondo’s releases before it, Timecrimes will be released on 180 gram black vinyl, but will have random milky white/clear variants mixed in. The LP is housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring truly stunning artwork by Aussie duo WeBuyYourKids. The limited edition LP will initially be available at the Sept. 26th showing of Timecrimes during this year’s Fantastic Fest Film Festival in Austin, TX. Remaining LP’s will then later be available at at a currently undisclosed date and time.

Timecrimes Track Listing

01. Binoculars
02. Scissors
03. Contact
04. Getting It
05. Bandages
06. Unpleasant Suspicion
07. Backfire
08. Castrated Prescience
09. Three Hectors
10. No Time For Remorse
11. The Counterfeit
12. End Credits

Gatefold art by WeBuyYourKids / Photo by Billy Garrett
Gatefold art by WeBuyYourKids / Photo by Billy Garrett
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