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THE LEAGUE Season 4 DVD Review

It’s football season once again, and not only does that mean our weekends will be full of big plays and huge hits, but that The League is also back on FXX! With Season 5 premiering last week, The League Season 4 is hitting your local shelves, and the DVD is chalked full of extended episodes and deleted scenes.

Over half of the season has extended episodes, and many of them are great. The highlight for me is an extended take of Rafi and Dirty Randy (Seth Rogan), shooting their porno in the 12.12.12 episode. Speaking of Rafi, he’s heavily featured in alot of the extended clips, as well as having his own bit: Rafi’s Helpful Holiday Hints. This is basically a lengthy version of the self defense speech that he gives his sister and her friends, and as is usually the case with Rafi, it’s hilarious.

While I was very happy with the amount of extended episodes, I wish that they had done one for Tailgate, my favorite episode of the season. Especially considering that the majority of the episode takes place at one location, I figured they would have a ton of extra footage to show. Regardless, the extended episodes are a great touch, and as I mentioned before, I’m happy that more than half the episodes of the season are extended on the DVD.

In addition to these special features, there is also your standard gag reel, additional delete scenes separate from the new footage in each extended episode, and a special bit called  Taco Tones, which has our favorite “high” functioning adult busting out some of his best songs. There’s also the Witchy Woman Podcast, which is Andre doing “a little bit of magic, a little bit of Don Henley, and a whole lot of Andre.”  These are fantastic additions that are specifically geared towards fans of the show for a long time who will get some of the inside jokes mentioned.

In my opinion, The League has gotten better every season, and this DVD/Blu Ray is a must own if you are a fan of the show!

What was your favorite episode of The League Season 4? Which ones do you want to see extended versions of? Let is know in the comments!

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