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KEY & PEELE Highlight: Les Mis

The hilarious Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele is back and with a vengeance! The show featured some very hilarious moments but the one that had me laughing the most was their take down of Les Miserables. In it, Key and Peele play the roles of Jean Valjean and Javert in their spin of “One Day More”.

Watch the Les Mis clip & a sneak peek for next week’s show:

The show also featured a reference to the controversial Trayvon Martin case. The show opened with Peele playing a school kid – backpack, converse, and black hoodie – walking through a suburb. He starts to get suspicious looks from the homeowners when a cop car appears around the corner. The cop car rolls up behind him and just as he’s about to see his face, Peele pulls up his hoodie. Then, the cop pulls up right beside him and it turns out the hoodie has a white boy’s profile on the side so the cop smiles, nods, and drives on. While not the funniest gag, I do have to give them props for going down that road and addressing the Trayvon Martin case at all.

Did you watch the premiere of Key & Peele Season 3? Leave your favorite sketch from the show in the comments!

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