J.J. Abrams confirms he won’t direct STAR TREK 3

As we expected, J.J. Abrams has confirmed he will not be directing Star Trek 3. Collider spoke to Abrams in conjunction with the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness. With Abrams directing Star Wars Episode VII, it makes complete sense that he has to step away from Star Trek 3. I love what Abrams has done with the reboots of Star Trek thus far, but I am interested in seeing what a new director could do behind the lens. Keep reading for more details.

Here is part of the interview from Collider:

QUESTION: J.J., how important was it for you to stay involved with the franchise, even though you won’t be available to direct the next film? Does it feel a bit like you’re sending your baby away to college?

ABRAMS: It’s a little bittersweet. But, I will say that I’m going to be producing the movie. Whomever it is that directs the film will be someone we all know is going to keep the cast and crew in good hands. I feel very lucky to have been part of it, and it definitely feels like the right time to let someone come in and do their own thing. I certainly don’t want someone to come in and try to do what I would have done. We want to hire someone who’s gonna come in and bring their own sensibility. I’m very excited to see what comes next, despite feeling jealous of whomever that person is.


Who would you like to see direct Star Trek 3?

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