HUSBANDS and the Mainstreaming of the Web Series

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Since Felicia Day uploaded early episodes of The Guild in 2007, the concept and packaging of the web series as a medium has been rapidly evolving in our ever changing internet age. Then, in 2011, Jane Espenson and Brad Bell teamed up to create the YouTube web series Husbands. After two years, two seasons, and a ground-breaking partnership with CW SeedHusbands has been catapulted from a simple web series, into the strata of mainstream, network television.


If you’re not watching Husbands, you should be. The series follows reality TV personality Cheeks (series co-creator and writer Brad Bell) and popular baseball player Brady (Sean Hemeon), who after waking up in a drunken haze, realize they have gotten married after a wild night in Las Vegas. Viewers become invested in the couple as they not only adjust to their new relationship, but also to the cultural perceptions and stereotypes of their marriage.

The first two seasons of the show aired on YouTube; however, this summer it was revealed that the third season of Husbands would air on CW Seed. The new platform, announced by the network in August, was designed not only to capitalize on the growing number of interesting and experimental web series, but also to provide the network with the comedy programming missing from their nightly line-up.

The new platform will also serve as a testing ground for future CW programming. CW Executive Vice President of Marketing and Digital Programs Rick Haskins is quoted as saying: “From time to time there are holes we need to fill in the schedule – shifting shows to fill those holes could be an interesting experiment.” While there have been a number of web series to experience notable popularity: The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog to name a few, this marks the first real opportunity a web series has had to make the jump to network television screens, with the right support.

Season three of Husbands can be viewed on the CW Seed website, with new content  being released on a weekly basis. Those interested in checking out the first two seasons of the ground breaking web series should visit the GoCheeksGo YouTube page. A brand new episode of Husbands airs on the CW Seed website on  Thursday September 19.


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