Heroes and Villains Posters by Josip Kelava

Heroes and Villains are what make superhero movies and TV shows great. That’s why we love these amazing heroes and villains poster series by Josip Kelava. The series features the likes of Magneto, Superman, War Machine, Donatello and more. Keep reading to check out the posters.

Heroes and Villains description:

I can never get enough of Heroes and Villains. Sometimes I feel like we all have a light and a dark side in us, which is why I love so many different characters from videogames, comics, cartoons and movies; both good and bad. I decided to add more to the collection of my favourite characters so here is the new Heores and Villains: Series 2 Collection. Now for sale too! 

superheroes5 superheroes6 superheroes superheroes1 superheroes2 superheroes3 superheroes4

Buy the posters here:
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The Author

Jim Napier

Jim Napier

Jim has been a self-proclaimed super geek ever since he got his first computer all the way back in 1992– and he has been ‘plugged in’ ever since. Fed by a steady diet of movies as a kid, he has expanded to new platforms to fuel his inner geek! Movies continue to feed Jim’s creative side, while technology is constantly changing and creating new toys that woo and draw him in!