This week on the ol’ Heisenheiney, we welcome back Myles Hewlett. With Miles, Jayson discusses their divergent but equally troubling experiences with Sesame Street, figure out the hidden connection between Jack the Nazi and the Vacuum Cleaner Repair Guy, and put out a generally disturbing show.

If you like podcasts that are all about eating clam, then 3% of this show is for you, cause Jasmine Talbrys and Milton Howser are goona wow your ear canal with jokey jokes about the Golden Coral of sex acts and I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING ANYMORE!

Back to the show, there is some light discussion about Breaking Bad, Saul’s shining moment, Flynn’s messed up father’s day card, and how Charlie Rose has a target on his back, but mostly, you want to listen as Riley Hewette and Joba Tabrys create the Jewish Lantern Corps and then discuss AJ Willie’s predilection for thrify night ladies.

All that and more on Heisenlergh’s Chatcast, a J-Sin Babblrys Pronunciation.

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Jason Tabrys

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