Gobbledygeek – Episode 156: Why Am I the Wife?

Screen Invasion and Invasion Radio are proud to introduce our readers and listeners to The Gobbledygeek Podcast. Gobbledygeek is a weekly show with Screen Invasion’s Arlo J. (AJ) Wiley, who you’ve also heard on our Breaking Bad podcast, Heisenberg’s Playhouse. As always, AJ is joined/monitored closely, by his partner in crime, Paul Smith. Here’s AJ and Paul with what’s on tap for their 156th episode and their first appearance on Screen Invasion. 

Hello, Screen Invasion! Paul and AJ are pleased to make your acquaintance and/or sorry you’ve crossed paths with them. Each week, the boys riff on all manner of pop culture, from film and television to books, comics, video games, and more. The adorable-slash-fearsome little creature you see above is Gobbledygeek‘s official mascot, Bat-Turkey. Because, you know, “gobble” is in the title and turkeys gobble and also Batman. (Roll with it.) With any luck, you’ll be able to fill your earholes with Gobbledy-goodness every Wednesday, or you know, some day around Wednesday. Maybe we should mention we’re a more or less weekly podcast. For older episodes, click here. If you dare.

This week on Gobbledygeek, Paul and AJ are joined by return guest Anna Williams, who has brought along her…cohort? partner-in-crime? mistress?…Kitty Chandler. Kitty writes the words; Anna edits those words. They discuss their forthcoming collaboration, the “braided anthology” Black Ice, along with wacky tales of purple diaries and sad cosplaying. Then there’s Murderboarding, which is the two of them analyzing TV to an insane–and insanely detailed–degree.

Some helpful links to aid in your enjoyment of this week’s episode!

Kitty’s blog and Twitter

Anna’s blog and Twitter

Unspooling Fiction/Muderboarding

One Fine Day: A Black Ice Dime Novel

Next week!

Join us, won’t you, for the opening salvo in the fourth annual Gobbledyween film festival. First up, we’ll be discussing the Tobe Hooper/Steven Spielberg classic Poltergeist, joined by friend of the show Valerie Clark.

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