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Thirsty Thursdays: CLUELESS Drinking Game

There are some movies that I will re-watch no matter how many times I”ve seen it and Clueless is definitely among that list. For girls growing up in the 90s, this was the movie. It shaped fashion, language, and friendships – I know I annoyed my parents with my near constant “as if!”-ing.

clueless drinking game

So grab your bestie, get dressed up as total Betties and play this drinking game courtesy of Drinking Cinema.

Clueless Drinking Game:

Drink whenever:

  • You see a new fluffy thing.
  • A chick says “as if!”
  • You spot a thigh-high/mini-skirt combo. Remember, if you’re going to wear socks with a skirt, go over-the-knee or go home.
  • There’s a hair flip. Much like the Bend-N-SnapTM, this highly effective move has a 98% success rate when used with the right combination of clothing (see Rule #3).
  • You see a new hat! Historical scholars will tell you that hat-wearing was first introduced to Western culture with the TV show Blossom until it reached critical mass and imploded after 1995’s Clueless.
  • Cher makes a pouty face. Let’s face it, when your life is perfect, the slightest failed driver’s test or gay boyfriend can send you reeling into a shame spiral.
  • One of the girls rocks a totally rad choker. This trend needs to come back in to style already.
  • Someone says “whatever!”

Chug whenever:

  • Take a self-conscious sip whenever you spot a nose job.
  • Switch drinks with your BFF and take a swig whenever there’s a super-awesome totally rad MAKEOVER!! While Cher and Dee pull off quite a feat with Tai’s transformation from cute girl with curly red hair to cute girl with curly brown hair, their efforts will later be trumped by 1999’s She’s All That and 2001’s The Princess Diaries, in which girls with glasses turn into girls without glasses.

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