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BREAKING BAD “Ozymandias” Episode Recap

Warning: This recap contains spoilers from last night’s Breaking Bad. If you have not seen it yet, please don’t read any further!!


I read a ton of buzz on social media platforms last night and this morning that last night’s episode of Breaking Bad, Ozymandias, felt more like a series finale, even though there are two episodes left. While it did wrap up fairly well, there are still a few questions left unanswered that still need to be resolved. Let’s dive in a bit deeper.

Of course, the big cliff hanger from last week was the shootout. We knew that there would be bloodshed, and it didn’t take long to see Agent Gomez lying on the ground sprawled out. He gone.  Then, we flash to Hank to see he’s been shot in the leg.  From there, Walt (Brian Cranston) tried to bargain for Hank’s life, but neither Hank, nor Uncle Jack (Michael Bowen), were having any of it. Despite Walt’s best efforts, Hank ends up with a bullet in his head ten minutes into the episode. It was a quick, but fitting ending for Hank, who held true to his morals and characters in his dying moments.

From there, the bad guys take Jesse, who was hiding under the car, and Walt gives them the green light to shoot Jesse in the head! However, before they take Jesse away, Walt drops a huge bomb on Jesse. Throughout the show, Walt has kept three huge secrets from Jesse. Two have been revealed already: Mike’s death and poisoning Brock. However, the third, and biggest, Walt allowing Jane to die, was still a secret….until last night. He tells Jesse, which I think will give Jesse the motivation he needs to break out of the custody of Todd and Uncle Jack somehow, and track Walt down.


From this point, all hell breaks loose. Walt Jr. finds out about everything his dad has been doing, and when the family returns home, they see Walt packing up the house. However, they don’t want to go, and Skylar goes so far as to pull a knife out and starts to attack Walt!

Walt ends up leaving, taking Holly on the way out. The tension and storytelling in this episode is phenomenal, so I don’t want to talk more abut the plot details, as it will simply bore those who have seen it, and if you haven’t, then you shouldn’t be reading my review to find out the genius that was on screen last night.

One of the last parts of the episode was Walt calling Skylar from somewhere on the road. He asks if there are police there, and she lies, though Walt is smart enough to know that police probably are there. So Walt had a choice. To throw Skylar under the bus, who had been keeping it a secret for a long time, or do what he did, which was call her a stupid bitch who should have just done what he told her. Basically, Walt is making sure that Skylar doesn’t go down with him so that the kids will still have a mother. As messed up as it is, Walt is still looking after his kids throughout all of this. After this call, he’s totally cut himself off from ever having that family he was trying so hard to protect/provide for in the first place, and he breaks down and cries.

Let’s just jump to the end. Jesse is locked up and basically being forced to cook by Todd so that they can expand their meth cooking business. Walt sends Holly back to Skylar and Walt Jr., who figure to go into some sort of witness protection program.  And Walt gives Saul’s guy a call, theoretically giving him a new life.

This brings up the question that seems more appropriate now than after any other episode: where do we go from here? Well we do know that Walt needs to come back to his house and grab the ricin. Who’s that going to be for? I can’t believe this is the last we’ve seen of Jesse and Walt. It started with them. I think it’s going to end with them. Some sort of huge confrontation at the end. Who is going to win?!?

What did you think of last night’s episode? Where are they going for the final two episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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