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Thirsty Thursdays: BREAKING BAD Drinking Game

The fun don’t stop during Breaking Bad Week! Today we offer up the end-all, be-all drinking game to enjoy when either catching up on the series or watching the season 5 (part 2) premiere this Sunday.  Catch up on the rest of our BBW fun with our favorite episodes and the best fan art around. Now get comfortable, grab a bottle of Jack (or whatever your preferred poison), and let’s get down to business.

Breaking Bad Drinking Game Print Out:


Breaking Bad Drinking Game Rules

Drink whenever:

  • You hear some “street talk” (ice, glass, slingin’ crystal, kicks like a mule with its balls wrapped in duct tape). The fact that I call this “street talk” only exposes me as a total NARC.
  • Jesse starts to freak out and gets that panicky, wide-eyed, slinky little trapped alley cat look. Face it, despite all his problems, if you found Jesse in an alley digging through a dumpster and wearing an XXXL shirt with a weed leaf on it, you would TOTALLY adopt him.
  • Hank and his buddies are doing their DEA thing.
  • There’s trouble in paradise. Sometimes at the end of a long day of cooking crystal, getting locked in a car trunk, or poisoning some drug dealers, you just want to kick back with a beer and watch some TV. But your wife’s all like, NoooOOoooo….
  • A murder is plotted, planned, contemplated, considered, reconsidered, argued about, or suddenly carried out with a box cutter.
  • The big C (a.k.a. cancer) is being a real BITCH.
  • A character fixes a menacing glare on somebody. Do you think they practice this look in the mirror? Whenever I try to pull it off it just looks like I have to go to the bathroom.
  • We get a chemistry lesson from Walt. Sometimes this is an actual chemistry lesson in the classroom. Other times, it’s more of a “lesson in life.” Like if you’re gonna dissolve a body with hydrofluoric acid, make sure you use a plastic tub. Trust us.

Going hard tonight?

Chug whenever:
Eat a bunch of Cheetos and hang out in your underwear whenever there’s a cooking montage! Bonus points if you can name 3 or more ingredients in meth. Points deducted if you can name more than 7. That’s just troubling.
Drink out of an Erlenmeyer flask whenever you see Walt in his Tighty Walter Whiteys.
Take an oversized swig whenever you see Jesse wearing an outfit that’s at LEAST 5x too big for him. Where does he buy his clothes??

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