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Telluride Horror Show Announces First Wave of Films and Guests

Telluride Horror Show runs from October 11-13th, and have announced the first wave of films, guests attending, and lodging information. In addition, press applications are currently being accepted. Make your Keep reading to check out the official press release!

Official Press Release:

The Telluride Horror Show, a 3-day genre film festival in world-famous Telluride, Colorado, is pleased to announce the first wave of film programming for the 4th annual festival that will run October 11-13, 2013.

We are also pleased to announce the appearance of special guest director Frank Henenlotter, who will be on hand to participate in a Q&A following a special presentation of Josh Johnson’s REWIND THIS! and a Q&A following a special screening of the legendary BASKET CASE.

Known for his bizarre mixes of horror and humor, Henenlotter scored a surprise hit with the first film he wrote and directed, the 1982 BASKET CASE. An instant cult classic, the film played for almost two years on the midnight-movie circuit before getting a more mainstream rerelease in 1984.

Henenlotter then wrote and directed the anti-drug horror film BRAIN DAMAGE in 1987. BRAIN DAMAGE also marked the first of six films with special effects artist Gabe Bartalos. An association with James Glickenhaus resulted in the 1990 horror comedy FRANKENHOOKER (which Henenlotter directed and co-wrote with then-editor of Fangoria magazine Robert Martin) as well as two sequels to BASKET CASE: BASKET CASE 2 (1990, which Henenlotter wrote and directed) and BASKET CASE 3 (1991, which Henenlotter directed and co-wrote with Robert Martin).

Though he changed careers in the early 1990s and became one of the guiding forces behind Something Weird Video (which made its reputation finding and restoring forgotten and lost exploitation films of the past), Henenlotter returned to filmmaking with the genuinely bizarre sex / horror / comedy BAD BIOLOGY in 2008. Two documentaries followed, HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS, THE GODFATHER OF GORE(2010), and THAT’S SEXPLOITATION! (2013), currently screening at festivals. Henenlotter’s new film, THE ART OF THIEVES, is a drastic change from the kind of film he’s known for. It’s a true story about the theft of street art. It will be released in 2014.

Telluride Horror Show Films:

Italy | 2013 | 93 min
Director: Lorenzo Bianchini
U.S. Premiere

Ethologist Marco Contrada wanders through the woods of Slovenia collecting animal species when he finds himself trapped in an abandoned ancient village across the river, where abomination dwells.

USA | 1982 | 91 min
Director: Frank Henenlotter
Followed by a Q&A with director Frank Henelotter

A young man carrying a big basket that contains his deformed Siamese-twin brother seeks vengeance on the doctors who separated them against their will.

Special Presentation

Oregon-based LAIKA has become the world’s most ambitious, creative, and fearless stop-motion studio in the world. Mark Shapiro will talk about the remarkable creativity of LAIKA, from the CG-classic MOOONGIRL (2005) to the remarkable features CORALINE (2009), PARANORMAN (2012), and THE BOXTROLL (coming to theaters September 26, 2014). A Q&A willfollow the presentation, and production puppets will be on display.

USA | 2013 | 87 min
Director: Brian Netto
Followed by a Q&A with writer/director Brian Netto & writer/producer Adam Schindler.

In this unnerving chiller, Kyle and Rachel Massy are a young couple who have agreed to document their first pregnancy for a reality show. During the production, a series of unexplained phenomena start plaguing the couple, eventually derailing the production of the show. Rachel, growing increasingly paranoid, starts to believe that there might be something seriously wrong with their unborn bundle of joy. Told through the show’s un-aired footage and interviews from friends, family and production members, Brian Netto’s savvy debut feature injects the found footage genre with a fresh perspective and enough eeriness to keep you on the edge of your seat.

USA | 2013 | 91 min
Director: Josh Johnson
Followed by a Q&A with director Josh Johnson and special guest Frank Henenlotter.

An exploding industry without rules! Backyard filmmakers with zero budget and a surplus of dreams! Unchecked global piracy! The race to control media consumption! Videotape changed the world and laid the foundation for modern media culture. Low cost equipment created unprecedented opportunities. Major studios and small indies operated on an even playing field for the first time ever. The story of the home video revolution is a tale of both technological advancement and human ambition. VHS vs. Beta! Porn invades the home! Direct to-video madness! It’s all here, along with a rogues gallery of directors, rental employees, XXX vets, box artists, collectors, and more. Join the pizza party!

UK | 2012 | 89 min
Director: Paul Hyett
The Seasoning House, where young girls are prostituted to the military. Angel (Rosie Day), an orphaned deaf mute, is enslaved to care for them. She moves between the walls and crawlspaces, planning her escape. Planning her ingenious and brutal revenge…

USA | 2013 | 77 min
Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Followed by a Q&A with lead actors Alexie Gilmore & Bryce Johnson.

Jim and his girlfriend Kelly are in Willow Creek, California, to retrace the steps of Bigfoot researchers Patterson and Gimlin, who, in 1967, recorded the most famous film of the legendary monster. Kelly is a skeptic, along for the ride to spend time with her boyfriend between acting gigs. Jim, a believer, hopes to capture footage of his own, so his camera is constantly rolling. The small town is a mecca to the Bigfoot community; sasquatch statues guard the local businesses, murals of the missing link line the roads, and Bigfoot burgers are the town delicacy. The couple interview locals who range from skeptic to believer and from manic to completely menacing. Some of the stories they hear are of chance encounters with a gentle creature, while others are tales of mysterious eviscerations. On the day that Jim and Kelly plan on hiking into the woods to look for proof, they are given a simple warning: “It’s not a joke. You shouldn’t go there.” Despite the ominous message and Kelly’s own reservations, they head deep into the forest to set up camp. The events that follow will make them wish they had simply spent the night at the Bigfoot Motel. – Boston Independent Film Festival.

Press Info

We are now accepting applications for press credentials for the 4th annual Telluride Horror Show. For consideration, please e-mail Brad McHargue at
Press materials to date can be found here.


Telluride Alpine Lodging, the official lodging sponsor of the Telluride Horror Show, has great deals for out-of-town attendees during the festival. They can be reached at 1-800-376-9769.

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