Squidbillies, Season 8, Ep 1: “Granite Caverns” Recap

Summary: Dan Halen tries to drum up interest in the local caverns by creating a myth out of Rusty’s cave drawings.

Squid thoughts on the link below…

John J.: Sqdbllz is back! It’s always a fun romp in Dougal County when Dan Halen is hatching some treacherous and rather ridiculous plot against the townsfolk. Of course, ultimately the plan fails, and the townsfolk are left in ruin… this time in ACTUAL ruin… in a cave. Rusty’s drawings were hysterical (I’m sure we have Ben Prisk, the background art designer for Squids, to thank for that). Also the Sheriff as Uncle Sam, twirling the sign in front of the caverns, funny fun. Granny becoming the leader of an alien race… who’da thunk that?

Jason: A good premiere episode. Early and Sheriff’s sign-twirling was great, as well as Early’s “Spider Dude” costume. The episode starred Dan Halen, which is always a great thing. Dan is a great character, one of my absolute favorites this show has to offer. Some of the gags the episode does with the people coming in to “ironically” look at the caverns were good– the one dude buying the extra small pink shirt and his friend with the empty baby harness and carriage (“invisible baby! Get it?”) commenting that the size is too small and that the color is ridiculous and that it’s perfect was one of the better ones. I’m excited to hear the rest of the season’s theme songs, too. The Black Lips cover this week was great, and I’m interested in the others, including the Lynyrd Skynyrd one that’s coming. Welcome back, Squids.



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