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Last night was a special one for So You Think You Can Dance. For the first time ever, the All-Stars were also the choreographers, as we saw eight more amazing numbers from this season. In the end, Tucker and Jenna were sent home, finally putting an end to Jenna’s run. I never had a huge issue with Jenna, but America just wasn’t connecting with her, and it was finally her time to go.

As far as the highlights of the night, I really liked Mark and Jenna’s Jazz number. Mark was always one of the quirkiest dancers ever on the show, so it was no surprise that his piece was off the wall and different. However, the Main Event for the night was Travis Wall’s triumphant return to the stage. Wall has been an amazing choreographer for the past few years, but we finally got to see him dance to his own magic. Nigel made a great comment about how Travis has exceeded his and Travis’s wildest dreams of what his career would be, and I couldn’t agree more. Check out this touching piece, featuring Amy and Travis!



Next week is the top 6: Aaron, Paul, Fik-shun, Amy, Hayley, and Jasmine. Fik-shun fans were given a wakeup call when he was surprisingly in the bottom two. I think he will get through to the finale, but it is tough to pick between Paul and Aaron, both of whom have yet to be in the bottom. Right now, my guess is that Paul will go home, while Amy and Jasmine will make the Top 4 as well, leaving Hayley on the outside looking in.

Who do you think will make the Top 4 of this year’s So You Think You Can Dance? What was your favorite number last night. Let us know in the comments!

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