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I must say that this week’s So You Think You Can Dance was one of the best ones that I can remember not just of this season, but one of the best of the past few seasons. It seems like every other routine drew a standing ovation, and deservedly so.  The bottom three boys: Alan, Nico, and Tucker (who sat out the week with a knee infection), didn’t surprise me. However, the bottom three girls: Jenna, Amy, and Malece did.  Even more surprising, the judges immediately sent Jenna through…again. There’s no doubting that Jenna is a talented dancer, but she clearly isn’t relating with America, and it seems clear that the judges simply want her on tour. By the end, Alan and Malece were sent home. Malece is great, but there’s no way Amy was going home, and while Tucker missed this week and hasn’t been fantastic, he has been better than Alan, who has looked uncomfortable in many routines.

There are any number of routines that I could profile in this post, and the first one was the opening broadway number with Haley and Nico. This new couple had instant chemistry in what was undoubtedly one of my favorite broadway numbers ever on the show. The theme is Haley playing a gypsy who is hoping to capture Nico’s soul. Check out the highly entertaining number, with a lift that is absolutely epic.


The next couple routine to highlight is the last of Paul and McKenzie, who I think will go down as one of the most underrated couples ever on the show. The two produced great number after great number, never once looking uncomfortable in any style. In their final dance together, the two performed a great Mandy Moore contemporary number. The theme of the night was incredibly difficult and smooth lifts, and this dance features one of them.


Two other standout pieces were the Viennesse Waltz by Amy and Fik-Shun, who were beautifully eloquent and great in their piece. Lastly, Aaron and Jasmine went out with a bang with a great Nappy Tabs routine. It was certainly one of their best of the season, but Mary had the audacity to say it was perhaps their best yet. All I can say is….Twilex bro.

Both the girls and the guys performed their own group numbers.  The guys did a great Nappy Tabs routine, but I want to highlight the girls routine by Stackey Tookey. Mary said after that she thinks that this is the best Top 6 girls ever, and I’m having a hard time arguing it. They are just so stacked from top to bottom, and they showed that in this amazing routine. The song is also perfect.


As for next week, they have already said that Tucker will have to be in the Bottom 2 since he missed out on this week’s show. I think he will be joined by Nico, as Aaron, Fik-Shun, and Paul appear to be fan favorites.  As for the girls, I think Jenna will stay in the bottom two, and be joined by MacKenzie. If it’s these four, then I think Tucker and Jenna will go home.

What do you think of the Top 10? Should Tucker have gone home over Alan? Who’s the favorite to win? Let us know in the comments!




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