NEW GIRL Season 3 Teaser Reintroduces the Characters We Love

While not much is known about the upcoming season of New Girl we did just get a sweet new teaser trailer to start getting fans amped about its return this fall. The regular cast is back this fall, and the dynamic could be very, very different after the way last season ended. Nick and Jess have just started to explore what dating their friend and roommate could mean while Cece and Schmidt are just as awkwardly entangled as ever. Now, throw in the fact that Damon Wayans, Jr. is coming back as Coach, the original roommate, and that leaves even Winston’s footing in the group uncertain.

Watch the New Girl Season 3 teaser trailer below:


I love the rapidfire of their names and it does a good enough job capturing the energy and friendships within the show. I only wish they had Coach in there a bit to tease his return. I’m sure we’ll see more as filming gets further along and they can release a real trailer with footage from the new season included.

New Girl premieres on Fox on September 17 at 9pm ET/PT.

Will you be watching this season?

New Girl

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