Film Club – Episode 27: A SINGLE MAN

The 26th entry into Film Club’s catalogue is the ninth pick from Mal, A Single Man. The only film thus far to come from Tom Ford is a beautifully pieced together mix of emotion as English professor George comes to terms with the death of his partner Jim in 1960’s Los Angeles. Displaying both style and substance Ford’s only feature and passion project delivers a lot but how much of it agrees with you?


A Single Man



A Single Man is available on Blu-ray/DVD now. 

The next entry into Film Club came courtesy of you the listener and your suggestions! It is a film that is not only regarded as one of the finest and most quotable comedies ever, but even today nearly thirty years after its release holds a firm place in the realm of pop culture.  I am of course referring to Rob Reiner’s cult “rock moc-doc” classic THIS IS SPINAL TAP. If you’ve never seen it before, then this is your excuse to finally do so. Get yourself a copy, turn your “dobly” system up to 11 and enjoy!

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