Edgar Wright-Simon Pegg Interactive Screenplays Add to THE WORLD’S END Hype

If you’re a film geek, odds are you’ve purchased one or two published screenplays of your favorite movies, eager to scour the annotations for tasty morsels of trivia. That experience has been re-imagined for the digital age with two interactive screenplays that take readers inside the first two films of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s “Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy”: Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

The just-released script for Hot Fuzzavailable here courtesy of Focus Features – is more than just words. It replicates Wright’s kinetic filmmaking style with links to video clips, original storyboards, and other ephemera. (It appears that the bubble-happy Wright and Pegg are fond of the brainstorming exercise my sixth-grade English teacher called a “mind map.”)

Shaun of the Dead gets the same treatment here. It’s all part of a big promotional push for The World’s End, the final Cornetto Trilogy film headed to U.S. theaters this Friday. And with today’s awesome Reddit AMA in the bag (apparently Wright was approached to direct the pilot of the Doctor Who reboot!), it’s worth revisiting the Edgar Wright-Simon Pegg-Nick Frost collaborations – perhaps as a triple feature, which is actually happening in select markets.

What’s your favorite “flavor” of the Cornetto Trilogy? Sound off in the comments, then check out J.C. DeLeon’s review of The World’s End.

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