D23 Expo ’13: TOY STORY OF TERROR! Trailer Too Scary for TV

We wrapped up our first day at the D23 Expo ’13 Toy Story of Terror and the Motivation Behind Pixar’s Short Form Content.  Four of the brilliant minds behind all of the Disney Pixar shorts were present to talk about these small pieces of Disney history, with the Toy Story of Terror 30-minute Halloween Special airing on ABC being the featured presentation!

I am one of many people I’m sure who can’t get enough of the Toy Story franchise, and I’m happy to see them keep these amazing characters alive. I must say that it makes me even happier to see them doing it in short form like this Halloween special rather than a fourth Toy Story movie. Though a potential Toy Story 4 would be a classic case of “shut up and take my money,” the third one wrapped up so perfectly that it’s hard to justify making a fourth one as anything more than a simple cash grab from Disney.

Those of us in attendance were treated to something quite special and unique. Toy Story of Terror, which is Pixar’s way of paying homage to some of the greatest horror films of our time, had a trailer that the network executives deemed “too scary for TV”. Luckily enough for us, it wasn’t deemed too scary for D23! While I certainly didn’t think it was too scary for television, I can imagine being quite terrified if I had watch it through a kid’s eyes, so I understand why they changed it. Regardless, I loved it and can’t wait to see it!

There wasn’t much in the way of plot that was revealed for the half hour special, but from what we can tell, it seems like our favorite cowgirl Jesse might get left behind in a hotel room, where some certain unwanted guests may be trying to come after her. The trailer featured a great bit that was no doubt paying tribute to the classic movie “Psycho”, which I certainly appreciated.

I’ve never been one to watch any of these Disney or Dreamworks movie holiday specials, but I just might tune in for this one. As I touched on earlier, Toy Story has a certain soft spot in my heart, and I will take any excuse to watch more original content from my favorite fantasy world growing up as a kid.

Be sure to check out Toy Story of Terror, which will be airing on ABC on October 16th at 8 PM!

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