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D23 Expo ’13: Disney Interactive Impresses With Fantasia and Infinity

Disney has conquered pretty much every form of entertainment their is, but they have yet to really master the video game realm.  Well things could be changing after Disney Interactive unveiled plans to release not one, but two games that could revolutionize how we look at video games. The first, Fantastia: Music Evolved, lets you step into the shoes of the Sorcerer’s apprentice, and allows you to see yourself control the music. Infinity, on the other hand, lets you control your favorite Disney characters, in worlds that you can build yourselves! Let’s dive alittle deeper.

The first game they presented was Fantastia: Music Evolved, which comes out next year. Coming out for the Xbox Kinect, Fantastia takes the idea behind Just Dance, and takes it a step further. Rather then simply control an animated character on screen, you will actually control the graphics on screen, and interact with them as you hit notes like a composer. Not only do you get to direct some of your favorite current and classical songs, but you even get to modify them with a special mode that allows you to add in your own spin on a certain solo.

I myself was more excited for Infinity, a game that truly revolutionizes children’s video game. Disney Interactive has pulled out all the stops with Infinity, a game that lets you control your favorite Disney characters using the Infinity pad.  With the game, you will get three action figures that serves as keys if you will to unlock various worlds. So far, Disney Interactive has announced Monsters Inc, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Incredibles, and The Lone Ranger. In a D23 exclusive, Disney Interactive announced that the sixth playable world will be….Toy Story!


In addition to the single player adventure modes, Infinity will also have a multiplayer version called “The Toybox.” In this version of the game, players can literally build their own interactive worlds, and use any characters that are available in the game to explore them! In fact, the presenters showed us their own version of Disneyland that they built from scratch! The thing that most excited me about this was the Cars version of the Toybox, which lets you build your own race track, then race against your friends, as Disney characters! Amazing!

Infinity comes out next week, with playable characters being rolled out over the next few months. One of those characters, Mickey as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, won’t be available until January, but everyone who attended the panel got a playable figure for free! Jealous?

The last thing to touch on is the Disney Action app, which is tied in with the Infinity game. With the app, you can create your own mini movies, with you or your friends interacting with characters from the Infinity game! In the brief video they showed, one person was scared away by Sully, while another had his head blown off by Jack Sparrow. And the best part about it, it’s free!

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