D23 Expo ’13: Disney Animated iPad App is a Behemoth of Disney Knowledge

The Disney Interactive Panel at D23 Expo today was, in a word, impressive. While Disney Infinity was the belle of the ball, the one title that will definitely be getting my money is the Disney Animated iPad app. The app features in depth information on all 53 Disney animated films, including clips, behind-the-scenes insight in to the animation process, and access to advanced animation technology just at your fingertips.

You can walk through the entire timeline of Disney animated movies and click-through for in-depth information, including high-resolution clips, the ability to zoom in on art & backgrounds, and the full color spectrum of the film composed of thumbnails.

Disney Animated

The thumbnail feature can then be brought to this screen, where all 53 movies are composed together in just thumbnails. This one image shows 53 films, countless hours, and a lifetime of work that Disney Animation has put out in the world. It’s pretty impressive. And you can click anywhere on this screen to see more on the film.

Disney Animated

Not only does the app offer an impressive, immersive look at the history of Disney’s animated movie catalogue, it also lets you play around with some of the animation tools they use in their films. You can animate an adorable Vanellope Von Schweetz or Tangled’s Maximus and then even share the videos with your friends on social media or through email.

disney animated


All this is now available on the iPad, for $13.99. While that’s on the more expensive end of iOS apps, it’s incredible the amount of information you’re getting in this thing. Just the info and images could fill a $50+ coffee table book! During the presentation, I guessed that this app was $20, then as they went on and on about what this app could do I thought that $20 would be a bargain. As a disney geek, of course I got out of that panel and bought it for myself.


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