Childrens Hospital – Season 5, Ep. 2: “Triangles” Recap

Watch your back… new Childrens:

Summary: Blake’s son Willie is witness to a murder. Detective Chance Briggs is on the case.

Guest Starring: Nick Offerman and Jaleel White


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Pretty good ep… not as great as the opener. It’s always at least remotely funny when Nick “Ron Swanson/Axe Cop” Offerman as Chance Briggs is in the episode. Also loved not only Chance and Nurse Dori explaining sex to Willie, but Dr. Maestro trying to get with Dori by taking his shirt off (damn, he’s white!)

I guess this ep also answered last week’s question about whether or not they’d be returning to “Brazil.” “Japan” is a nice change of pace for S5, though. I really need to get my facepaint ready for Dragon Con.

-John J.

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