BREAKING BAD Premiere Party Ideas

So you’re thinking of throwing a Breaking Bad premiere party this Sunday, but you have no idea what you should do…

I’m going to tell you some awesome ideas to make your last Breaking Bad premiere party the best one you’ve ever had! But first, check out all our posts for Breaking Bad Week!

  • No Breaking Bad premiere party is complete without little blue crystals! You can get crystal rock candies on Amazon and put them in ziplock bags and place them on your couches or tables so your guests can take a pack and enjoy while watching the premiere.
  • You can get plastic or acrylic letters and hang or place them around your house with sayings or character names from the show so when your guests come in they get extra excited!
  • You can put your own Breaking Bad styles to cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies or any other dessert. You can find awesome ideas on Pinterest! The picture below courtesy of Pinterest:


  • Make some blue or green colored cocktail drinks! You can find recipes on Drinksmixer.com or even Pinterest!
  • If you’re pretty nerdy about this show, you can have your guests come dressed as characters from the show and maybe even do a cosplay contest and the winner could host the series finale at their house!
  • For your dinner, you could run to the nearest KFC or anywhere and get some chicken and bring it home and put it in Los Pollos Hermanos themed plastic cartoons or boxes! This is quite honestly the perfect idea for a premiere party. Your guests will appreciate it dearly!

Here’s a drink idea! Get the recipe from Shape.com:

If you might have some more ideas, comment in the comments section below and let us know what you’ll be doing for your premiere party!

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