BOURNE LEGACY Sequel Moving Forward with Jeremy Renner at Universal

Bourne Legacy is getting a sequel, with the franchise headed back to the big screen with Jeremy Renner in the lead. Deadline reports that Universal announced the news that they are making plans to move forward with the franchise. The studio has hired writer Anthony Peckham (Sherlock Holmes, Invictus) to pen the fifth installment.

Renner will reprise the role of Aaron Cross who was introduced in The Bourne Legacy. Cross is strong and smarter than other Bourne agents because of his training and special medical enhancements.  Reportedly, Universal plans to keep following the  storyline created by Gilroy, diverting away from the original concept of the Robert Ludlum novels. It is not known how this will impact Damon’s return, or if he would return for a future film.

Tony Gilroy directed the last Bourne film, which made over $113 million domestically and over $276 million worldwide. The films success proves that Universal could make some money without Matt Damon in the lead. I did not feel the same energy with Renner in the lead, but still liked the film.



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