The Big Lebowski Viewing Party hosted by Central Texas Movie Fanatics

Join us here for a viewing party screening featuring The Big Lebowski on
September 4, 2013 at 7:00 PM Central Time!

The Big Lebowski has become a classic over time and is the favorite of many people from many different backgrounds, tastes and ages.  It holds just as much esteem as it ever did back in the day with some of the most recognizable and quotable characters ever in film (The Dude, Walter, Jesus and on and on).  Lebowski is one of those films which most people can remember the first time they saw it, where they were, who they were with or who introduced them to the wondrousness.  I was in college and had a big group of friends together in my dorm for a White Russian party.  A good friend at the time suggested it and we had a blast.

Ever since my college experience, The Big Lebowski has become a film for me that begs to be seen with a group.  I love sharing films in a group setting with other movie lovers and talking about them.  Around my mid-twenties I was randomly quizzed by a stranger in an Austin neighborhood bar about film.  Once I had given a plethora of answers to questions of a very specific nature, I was invited to join a movie club of sorts.  It was really just a few guys who really loved movies, would get together at said bar before it opened, bring movies, everyone would decide what to watch and they would watch and discuss the film until the bar opened.  Did I mention we drank for free until the bar opened as well?  Stellar group to be a part of and I was honored to be the only female invited.  This was where I was introduced to Feast and given a copy of Reign of Fire because I was told it was so bad that the giver didn’t want it in their collection anymore (it never did play for me).

These experiences, partnered with my overall Screen Invasion experience led me to start my own movie club; the Central Texas Movie Fanatics. You see, these days I’m lucky to remember my own name, so remembering the amount of movie facts and trivia I used to be able to rattle off is not always easy.   When hanging out at Fantastic Fest or SXSW Film and wanting to discuss movies but being nervous ams that one of those blank out moments will hit keeps me from engaging some people at these events in the way I would like.  I’m not good at on the spot anything…not tests, not off the cuff questions, nothing of the sort.

I stopped lamenting this misfortune and decided to start a movie club to discuss film with others in a relaxed atmosphere where there is no pressure or judgment.  The club is off to a good start, with close to seventy members and twenty-five (so far) attendees for the thirty-five person event.  We have a great local venue (supporting local business) and will be able to add one more element with a watch party here on Screen Invasion!  I am excited about the idea of watching with a group who will be taking part in an on-line discussion while together, but then being able to carry that conversation over in person after the film ends.

So, whether you are in Texas or elsewhere in the world, this is YOUR invitation to come to Central Texas Movie Fanatics’ kick-off screening of The Big Lebowski on September 4, 2013.  If you are in the Austin area, the event will start at 6:30 PM at Star Co. Coffee.  If you plan to come to the screening please, please, please RSVP by clicking HERE or going to our Facebook page, space is limited.  If you aren’t nearby but want to take part, we will start the screening portion of the event at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time.  So just come to the  site a little early to make sure you start the movie on time with us!


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