AXE COP T-Shirts Will Chop Your Heads Off

Fans of Axe Cop are going to love this new line of t-shirts from WeLoveFine. There are so many awesome designs, but my personal favorite is the 8-bit Axe Cop shirt. Keep reading for more information and to check out some photos of the shirts. 

Axe Cop Press Release:

WeLoveFine is thrilled to add Malachai & Ethan Nicolle‘s celebrated webcomic (now an animated series!) to our lineup of officially licensed tees, kicking off with a terrific lineup of designs featuring the one and only macho, mustachioed ax-wielding hero and even some of his soldier pals. (Dinosaur Soldier? You bet! Uni-Avocado Soldier? Yup, got him too!) The designs capture the childs-eye-view, anything (and pretty much everything) goes attitude that makes Axe Cop one of the funniest and most outrageous titles in recent years, in styles and themes that have proven to be pop-culture favorites at WeLoveFine. (8-Bit Axe Cop! Cereal Box Axe Cop! We’ve even got a clarion call to “Keep Calm and Chop Heads”… because chopping heads doesn’t have to be frantic, you know.)
Each design from the first selection of Axe Cop tees at WeLoveFine are $25 each

Check out the shirts below:

MENS_AX_8-Bit-Axe-Cop_BLK-600x600 MENS_AX_Axe-Cop-Chop-Chop_CHA-600x600MENS_AX_Axe-Cop-Pixel-Dino_NVY-600x600


For more information on Axe Cop, check out and

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