Aqua TV Show Show – Episode 1: “Muscles” Recap

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Synopsis: Shake tries getting into shape. Carl, helps… in a rather hazardous way.

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John J.: I don’t think Matt and Dave have to prove to anyone at this point. It doesn’t matter WHAT the name of the show is: The trio of anthropomorphic food monsters and their Jersey neighbor are back! I believe it was last year when I said Aqua Something brought them back to form… well, if Aqua TV’s season opener is any indication, this season should be pretty fun. Shake’s metamorphosis from unhealthy to super-buff to fattened up cow was pretty funny. Add in the fact that Meatwad wanted to join in, but got grease all over Frylock’s treadmill. Also, Carl hawking his own brand of energy drinks that ended up creating monsters (ones that sounded an awful lot like robots with shiny asses from the future… or talking dogs who go on adventures), all in all, I’m glad Aqua is back!

Jason: It’s one of those things you wait for every year. It’s like Christmas, sort of. New Aqua Teen Hunger Force. You wait, you see the new intro, find out what the hell it’s going to be named this time, and you enjoy more of the classic show that helped put this network on the map. The new intro is great, the new episode was good enough. Some parts stand out in the episode: a couple of the muscle drink names were good (the last one was not one of the good ones), the pool table confrontation, and Meatwad calling 911 with a childrens’ toy phone. It’s far from my favorite Aqua episode, but it’s leaps and bounds better than that one season that started with Robots Everywhere, which was good, but was the highlight of that batch of episodes. I’m honestly just happy to have the show back.

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