Venture Shirt Club – Week 7

SILENCE! New Venture Club Shirt is here…


Council of 13 – (Modeled above by Seth Green.) 

“Who died and made you the high and mighty floating head of everything?!”

The darkest secrets of the Guild of Calamitous Intent are stunningly illuminated in the colors of blood and treasure (red and metallic gold) on this 100% cotton tee. Now you, too, can join the innermost circle of the world’s recognized leader in organized havoc–just like Seth Green here, who’s secretly been a fully licensed provider of first-rate, professional menace since he was recruited on the set ofCan’t Hardly Wait.*VB Shirt Club makes no such guarantee.


Council of 13 tee is available now at AstroBase Go! Want to order the other shirts? You can’t anymore. But this week’s shirt and many others will be available each week until 11:59pm the Sunday night of each new Venture premiere.

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