Venture Bros. Season 5, Ep 8 (SEASON FINALE) “The Devil’s Grip” Recap

The final Venture episode, until (HOPEFULLY) next year…

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John J.: This was definitely a wild season. From the power struggle between O.S.I. and The Guild, The Hank and Dean story arcs, Gary coping with a life away from The Monarch, and… Hatred’s boobs. The “season finale” was an interesting one (of course, we know via Doc and Jackson that S6, Ep 1 will be the definitive Season 5 Finale, setting up Season 6.

This episode wrapped up a few S5 arcs, however: Gary went back to The Monarch, after obviously realizing he was just twisting in the wind. Let’s face it, S.P.H.I.N.X. was destroyed, O.S.I. didn’t want him, and the Ventures have Hatred/Vatred. Speaking of Hatred, he seemed to be reverting back to his former self. I wouldn’t be surprised if he joins up with The Guild (if there even is one by then… otherwise The Revenge Society.) If that’s the case, I also wonder if Gary will end up having a re-change of heart and become the new Venture bodyguard? Going back to The Guild, there was a lack of it in this episode (outside of the Monarch acknowledging to Dr. Venture that Dr. Mrs was going to “be his boss.”)

I think in S6, we’re going to see the fall of The Guild. We know both O.S.I. and The Revenge Society are keeping tabs on them, PLUS Killinger is with the latter (that’s bad news for anyone.) On the other hand, Molotov is now with the O.S.I. which is also bad news for anyone who isn’t the highest bidder on her contract. And what about The Investors? Why did they kill Monstroso (or DID they kill him?) after using King Gorilla’s heart to keep him alive? I’m wondering if they share a connection to Killinger… we know via Orpheus that Killinger is big evil.

Speaking of Orpheus, we only had a cameo from him this season. What’s the Triad up to? If time allowed (and if Doc and Jackson were interested,) it would have been cool to have short accompanying webisodes of the Triad’s exploits along with each episode.

Anyways, I knew this would be super long, and the rest of the crew here at Central would like to weigh in on this. Plus, whatever other predictions, theories, etc. are usually thrown to the wayside if Doc and Jackson catch wind of it. To sum it up, I can’t wait for Season 6!

Jason: In 8 (9 with the Halloween special) episodes, the Venture Bros accomplished a lot. The fact that they’re clones were revealed to the boys. SPHINX dissolved and the OSI rose again. The Monarch found a photo that means something, but what exactly it means is unclear. Gary stopped camping on Venture grounds. A bunch of unpaid college student workers were eaten by fellow students ravaged by radiation. Billy got an arch. Billy almost had to eat pennies. Billy’s mom showed up. And, we learned of our new favorite annual festival, one that barely even exists within the realm of the show. Spanakopita!

Dean grew up, and got all brooding in the process after finding out exactly what he is. He became someone totally different from the timid, innocent kid who believed mostly anything and had a weak stomach, and he’s so much better for it. Both boys grew and became exponentially more interesting characters throughout the season, and there was so much emphasis on their growing despite the episodes never really focusing on them that it finally felt that the Venture brothers themselves finally were growing into their own and actually becoming the titular characters they are. Hank in particular was awesome all season, from his “insane criminal” bit, to his Destiny strength suit, to the Bat, Hank had some great parts in these 8 episodes, and his response to finding out that he was a clone, the fact that he was totally into the idea and found it pretty rad, is truly in character for the kid. He is truly Hank.

The season didn’t have as much Monarch as I would’ve hoped but the Monarch it had was great. It had plenty of Brock, from entire episodes to cameo bits. The OSI became an incredibly important organization and something finally super fun to watch work. We never really got to see the OSI do their thing before this season, but granted, we never had reason to. Gathers taking over and trucking in the whole New SPHINX brigade finally gave us cause to keep tabs on the OSI and the OSI’s ongoing investigation into the Guild of Calamitous Intent, a Guild that is a total mess. The Revenge Society made a brief appearance, so they might just come into play next season. Having Killinger on their team is bad news for everyone they’re going against, and is good news for anyone watching the show.

Some characters needed more screen time, some had plenty, and overall it was a great season. While the finale didn’t really blow me away, it was a great episode with a really funny ending line going into the credits (something every episode had this season, a great final line before the credits and tag scene). Gary’s Henchman 21 again, Hatred is mistakenly pissed towards him. The Monarch is troubled by the Guild’s invitation to his wife, his inability to truly break Rusty, and that photo. Hank is such a great brother, too– he has worked more than once to make Dean feel far better about the information he’s now privy to about the both of them this season, either making Dean realize with one succinct line that having Myra as their mother would’ve sucked anyway, and trying to lighten the load of the clone news by giving his honest assessment of it: it’s awesome.

It’s a shame to see such a short season but I’m sure the show will be back in no time. I think Jackson said a while back that this is just so they can split the season and finish it later in the year, which I hope is true. The Venture Bros is just so consistently good that losing it for a long period of time would be the worst. I can’t imagine why anyone would skip watching this show. You’d be missing one of the best things on television this year, last year, the year before, next year, the year after that, and forever.


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