Venture Bros. Season 5, Ep 7: “Bot to Bot” Recap

The cliffhanger Venture episode you’ve been waiting for…

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John J.: I think it’s safe to say (outside of the Hank/Dean story arcs,) that the main plot of this season has been “O.S.I. vs The Guild.” There was waaaay too much to soak in, this episode. We already know The Sovereign is NOT David Bowie (sadface,) and that the Council of 13 is essentially in charge (although, I wonder how much of that is really true… remember Season 3 when they were ready to eviscerate The Monarch and Dr. Mrs? – Come to think about it… why would they NOW want Dr. Mrs as the new Council member, 3 seasons later? Seems all too convenient.) I’m also curious as to the chronology of this episode (for one, they’re obviously out of order, but even still…) since Billy tells Dr. Venture that White is “mixing the Jacket single,” it makes me believe this episode took place before the Shallow Gravy: Behind the Music Special. Which also may mean Dr. Venture is alive and well. Phew. Got a bit profound, there. Anyways, lots of cameos in this ep… Gotta love Brick Frog and Plugface (among others,) showing up in the background. And, of course, Captain Sunshine (voiced once again by Batman himself, Kevin Conroy.) I think the icing on the proverbial cake of this ep was not only did we see the Revenge Society watching The Sovereign with Dr. Mrs, but Dr. Killinger is apparently helping them now. Will we see a change in power on the villain end (much like we did last season between S.P.H.I.N.X. and O.S.I.?) Hopefully all (or at least most) of these questions will be answered on next Sunday’s Season Finale.

Jason: I really do like the story this season. The boys are growing up, and the OSI is in business, trying to get into the inner workings of the Guild, however they have to. This way, we get plenty of Brock, and plenty of Shore Leave, which are both pretty good things. It was nice to see the Monarch again this episode. He sorta just dropped off the face of the earth (the face of the show) after he found that photo, and it’s good to have him back, even for a little scene. Same with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. Not my favorite episode of the season, but there was a lot of good here. The whole council just being casual was fun. It’s a shame the season’s over next week! It’s been an exceptional few episodes. I want more. Gimme more.

Bizarro: It’s nice to see the Batman theme carrying over from last week with their version of Batman and Robin dealing with the death of the Venture verse Joker. I suppose we know why they weren’t handling Momma’s Boys breaking out of the Asylum now. (Wonder Boy solving riddles at the funeral was especially cracking me up because it reminded me of the 1966 movie.) Really, the funniest moments in this show tend to be when characters are having casual conversation, and there was plenty of it going on at the dance club with the Council of 13. But the big kicker was that ending. (And if you haven’t watched this episode yet, what are you doing reading this? Close the window right now before reading the next line.) The question is, would they actually go through with that one? I mean, it’s Venture Brothers and everything is fair game. But…Dr. Venture? Guess we’re gonna have to wait and see Hopefully they don’t make us wait until next season to find out.

Nikki: I didn’t really care as much for last week’s episode, but this one was back on track for me. I can’t believe next week is the finale already. The Clue Clown funeral was great. I loved the final gag and the music playing as as his casket was lowered was perfect. I always enjoyed the Guild’s Council of 13 meetings, but it was especially nice to see them out of the council chambers. One of the best aspects of Venture Bros is it’s portrayal of villains as average schlubs who are generally more concerned with things like social status, not being lonely and having a proper costume and nemesis, than they are with “calamitous intent”, so seeing them all gathered together socializing in an actual Guild dance club was a treat. O.S.I.’s plan was so over the top, but that’s what made it funny, and of course the awkwardness of a first meeting was made even more awkward when the conversation is between two robots. So then there’s that ending. After Rusty manages to bungle things up and faces certain death to a crowd of drunk villains, he gets saved by none other than the Monarch himself (in another classic “that’s my arch-nemesis” moment), only then to be crushed by a giant disco ball. They didn’t really kill off the Doc did they?

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