Venture Bros. Season 5, Ep 6: “Momma’s Boys” Recap

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John J.: For an episode clearly intended as filler, there was plenty of goings on. I have to wonder what went on in Doc Hammer’s head to come up with the concept of how the Teddy Ruxpin voice is an actual person admitted to a psych ward. The cameo from Dr. Orpheus was a nice surprise (we haven’t seen him since last season’s finale… also, lol @ Bewitched reference,) as were all of the internal revelations (most of which we already knew; I.e.: Dermott is Rusty’s illegitimate son, etc.) I think the biggest deal of this episode: Confirmation that Myra Brandish is NOT the mother of the Venture Bros. Also! More Hodgman!

Jason: Weird week. Weird episode. Good, though. A couple of bombshells (the reveal about Dermott, the reveal about Myra), a lot of fun in general especially with Hank, Gary, and Dermott’s “insane criminals” bit. A new Shallow Gravy cut! And we got some Orpheus, which you can never get too much of. It was an odd episode, but it was a fun one. Nowhere near best of the season, but very good nonetheless. Maybe we’ll have Dermott hanging around a bit more, huh? That could be good, his interactions with Hank are always fun. Plus, more Shallow Gravy that way.

Bizarro: I can sum this episode up in two words: Myra’s NUTS. In a universe full of psychos–she’s right up there as one of the craziest characters. I loved that Dunwich was basically just Arkham Asylum. (I caught Calendar Man and Two Face. Any other Batman villains in there, I missed?) Also-Hank, Dermott, and Gary were fun to watch interact. Hank and Dermott’s stupidity is especially entertaining, they’re not quite Beavis and Butthead but they’re the closest thing this generation has to those two. (Don’t tell me Mordecai and Rigby or Finn and Jake. I’m already prepared for anybody in the comments section to potentially try and ruin my comparison. I’m one step ahead of you.)

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