Venture Bros. Season 5, Ep 5: O.S.I-Love You Recap

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John J.: So apparently I was right for a change: Hatred Boobs = Serum to deter him to love boys + Super Soldier Serum (does this mean Hatred’s supposed to be Captain America?) I think the phrase “The plot thickens” is by far the understatement of the week. We find out more about Brock and Molotov’s off-again-on-again relationship. Also, more O.S.I. agents like Headshot (voiced by Bill Hader,) Amber Gold (voiced by Paget Brewster,) and Snoopy (voiced by John Hodgman.) Having said that, the episode is guest voice heaven, on top of the 3 mentioned… Dana Snyder, Brendon Small, also do voices. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you probably should soon. Suffice to say, the ending is pretty twisty. Also, poor Hank/Destiny.

Jason: What an episode this was. Best yet of the season. What a roller coaster ride. And it wasn’t without that usual Venture charm, that comedy– the Premos were hilarious, the first premonition ball they let out was one of my favorite gags in the episode that was also probably an actual bit of foreshadowing for the episode (“GOLDEN LADY FLY AWAY BOOM BOOM”). It’s going to be interesting to see how Molotov transitions into being a mercenary for the OSI, and how Brock will work knowing she’s still there, and she’s on the same payroll he is. It would also be nice to see if Monstroso is actually dead, or if he’s still out there despite what the Investors did to him. Speaking of the Investors– how about that ending, huh? Wow. And, of course, rest in peace, Destiny. Sorry for your loss, Hank.

Nikki: Excellent episode this week. Plenty of excitement and plot twists. I loved the set up–the mystery of a Monstroso and Molotov escape, revealed through a web of flashbacks via interrogation room scenes. Each interrogation had it’s funny moments, frequently overlapping with a play on words, while adding it’s own pieces to the puzzle. We were treated with intriguing revelations of the past as well. I was excited to see a glimpse at Brock as a young agent and his first encounter with Molotov. I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing Hatred’s naked boobs, but at least they got that mystery figured out. I saw Brock not really killing Molotov coming from a mile away, but I was surprised at the real reason why. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens now that she’s on OSI’s payroll. I was even more surprised at the final plot twist, that it had been The Investors all along. “O.S.I. Love You” was easily the best episode of this season so far.

bizarro: I said it last time we had an OSI/SPHINX episode and I’ll probably wind up saying it again if we get another one. The story arc between these major groups within the Venture universe is probably my favorite new ongoing plot and I like that they seem to be building up for something big involving OSI and the Guild. Now I’ll have to go back and watch some of the older episodes to see if any hints have been dropped about anything before. Also, was I the only one shocked by the fact that The Sovereign isn’t really Bowie? Curious to see if they’ll ever show his actual form now. And for this episode, I’m changing my usual Venture closer of, “Go Team Venture to YO! S-I! YO! S-I!”

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