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TRUE BLOOD, “At Last” Recap

Last week on True Blood – “At Last” (#6.4)… Turns out ‘Ben’ (Robert Kazinsky) is a vampire—and not just any ol’ vamper, but Warlow himself—a former fae, turned by Lilith. With his impressive set of fangs, Ben/Warlow healed Jason and nearly drained Niall (Rutger Hauer)—curiously choosing to spit, instead of swallow, Niall’s royal faerie blood—before opening a portal to the realm of his former banishment and casting Niall into it. Nora explained a Warlow-related mistranslation of the Vampire Bible—that Lilith’s progeny Warlow, not humans, led Lilith to the sun, making him the only hope of vanquishing Lilith/Billith—only to be faerie-blasted into the LAVTF’s waiting arms/rifle-range, shot, and captured. With help from Lafayette, Sam, Emma, and Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) escaped and hid from Alcide-&-pack—and Sam and Nicole, like, totally hooked up. Andy’s half-fae daughters changed from tween to full-blown teenagers and unwittingly ended up donating blood to Billith’s crusade-du-jour: the synthesis of half-fae blood. Problematically, Takahashi (Keone Young) discovered that fae blood cells are far too unstable to be synthesized—and Jessica accidentally attacked-and-nearly-drained Andy’s quintuplets (her bad!), just before an anti-vampire-shotgun-wielding Andy arrived at Bill’s house. Finding Eric and Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) long gone from Ginger’s house, Governor Burrell (Arliss Howard) ordered Ginger sent to “camp” and injured his hand with a tantrum-like punch to the wall. Eric became a maker for only the second time in his 1,000+ years, turning Willa into Louisiana’s newest baby vampire—and commanded her to run home and show daddy that, despite two sharper teeth, she’s still his little girl. Interrupting her father’s sexy time with Sarah Newlin, Willa tried to dissuade him from continuing the vampire persecution, but fell prey to bloodlust caused by Burrell’s hand wound. Sarah shot Willa—to save Truman…or maybe just ‘cause she could—and insisted that Willa be on the next train to “camp.” After another lover’s spat, the LAVTF shot and captured Pam (#SAVEPAM) while the hidden Tara watched. As for Sookie…she figured out Ben/Warlow’s secret on her own and, using her feminine wiles to distract the faerie-vamp, prepped her faerie-light-ball and, literally, caught Warlow with his pants down.

True Blood made its first illusion to season 6’s overarching plot line—Governor Truman Burrell and his anti-vampire, ethnic-cleansing agenda—in season 5, when the not-long-for-this-world General Cavanaugh (Phil Reeves) informed the Chancellors (sans Roman): “We’re prepared. You don’t think we’ve been planning for this? We have weapons. Weapons you have never heard of. We own the day. Vampires don’t stand a f–king chance” (#5.11–“Sunset”). And we know now that these highly-effective and brutal weapons were developed at Governor Burrell’s special “camp.”

So here’s my question: How did Governor Burrell and the LAVTF (Louisiana Vampire Task Force) get away with it?

A similar plot in the 2005 dystopian thriller V for Vendetta suggests that the creation of a biological weapon, the “St. Mary’s Virus,” required multiple stages of testing and the sacrifice of a significant number of “social deviants” to those tests. Victims of the real-life atrocities committed by Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele (a.k.a. the “Angel of Death”), committed in the name of scientific experimentation and disease research, are estimated to number in the thousands over the course of WWII. So, it stands to reason that, over a period of time not aptly described as “short,” a noticeable number of vampires would have fallen prey to Governor Burrell’s doctors in order to create the (literally, not figuratively) awesome anti-vampire weapons. (And is this, perhaps, one reason that the Authority issues a procreation mandate in season 5? (#5.10–“Gone, Gone, Gone”)

True Blood’s vampires have no track record of leniency when it comes to crimes against their own. Making Jessica was Bill’s punishment for killing Longshadow—even though he only did it to save Sookie (#1.10–“ I Don’t Wanna Know”). The same Magister (Zeljko Ivanek) also ordered an unnamed vampire’s fangs ripped from his mouth as punishment for feeding on another’s pet human (Id.).

We also know that vampires can identify a human who has harmed a vampire (Eric: “We know when a human has wronged us. We can smell it.” (#1.9–“ Plaisir d’amour”)), and that they feel it when their progeny meets the True Death (ex. Rosalyn’s (Carolyn Hennesy) special trip to Fangtasia in search of her progeny’s, Elijah (Keram Malicki-Sánchez), murderer (#5.11–“Sunset”)).

In light of all this, I guess I just don’t quite buy that Governor Burrell was able to pull such a complex fast one on every vampire working for the pre-coup Authority and its many lower echelons.

Share your thoughts and theories on Governor Burrell, the fancy-schmancy LAVTF weapons, and True Blood season 6 in the comments below.

Featured Image: © 2013 HBO (Photo: John P. Johnson)

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