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THE WOLVERINE Spoilers Forum – What Did You Think?

The Wolverine was part of the stellar 20th Century Fox Panel at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend. While the real star was X-Men Days of Future Past, the little bit extra we got to see of The Wolverine and Hugh Jackman’s charisma was enough to get my interest piqued in the sequel.

The Wolverine spoilers are below. Keep reading at your own risk!

Yukio, Wolverine’s “Bodyguard”

The Wolverine picks up some time after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand. Logan (Hugh Jackman) has isolated himself and shunned his superhero duties out of guilt over his part in killing Jean Grey/The Phoenix. It’s only because an old friend from WWII is dying that he comes out of hiding. He’s found by his surrogate granddaughter Yukio, who’s a badass with a sword and staff. Her fighting skills are purely from training, since her mutation is seeing the moment of people’s deaths. She makes for a great sidekick who pushes him back in to the world and also looks after him after his healing mutation is suppressed.

I was hoping she might play some type of role in X-Men Days of Future Past, since the film ends with Logan and her on a plane going to anywhere they want. However, she wasn’t a part of the post-credit scene so it’s entirely possible that she gets dropped off somewhere or goes back to Japan before the DoFP action begins.

The Wolverine Viper

The Sexy Supervillain Viper

The film had quite a few bad guys, but the most visible throughout was The Viper played by Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova. She’s introduced as Yashida’s doctor but turns out to be much more than that. A super smart scientist focusing on the world’s deadliest toxins, she’s also a mutant with the ability to kill or mutilate people with just a drop of her toxic saliva or a potent breath. I loved the ambiguity of her character during the film – was she really working with Yashida’s wishes in mind? Was she double crossing him? However, the absolute best part of her was her costuming. She starts out in a regular lab coat, but then with every scene she ventures more into super villain territory. First just a green coat to signify her mutation, then a full green outfit with black leather stiletto boots, then a full green body suit, and then finally a sexy full body suit in true comic book fashion. In a movie where no one dons costumes, her fashion choices stood out in the best possible way.

Check out her last outfit again, and bask in its comic-book-ness glory:

The Wolverine Viper Villain

The Action & The Third Act

The Wolverine feels unlike any other superhero movie to date. The change up in locale to Japan helps, but the tone is very different. Instead of an origin story, which is still the majority of superhero films, we get the devolution of Logan wrapped up in a quasi-neo noir film. His journey shifts not only to protect Mariko, but he also works through his tenuous past with Jean, his powers and more. So while we enjoy this character study, there’s not as much action throughout. The main action piece in the first 2/3rds of the film is a heart-racing fight scene on top of a bullet train that’s able to infuse a bit of humor in the tension as well.

However, the 3rd act is nearly all action and fighting. The black clan pops up out of nowhere, then there’s the behemoth Silver Samurai. The action was solid, but it would have been helpful to have a bit more backstory on the black clan.

 What did you think of The Wolverine? Sound off in the comments!

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