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The Achievers: The Story of The Big Lebowski Fans – Movie Review

The Big Lebowski is one of the films in my top ten movies of all time. A simple tale of mistaken identity has become a cult classic that has created on of the coolest fan festivals. Lebowski Fest celebrates the movie, but also gives fans the chance to achieve.  The Achievers: The Story of The Big Lebowski Fans is a must-watch for fans of the movie or for anyone wanting to understand the Lebowski phenomenon.

Eddie Chong filmed the documentary over a five-year period starting in 2004 when he traveled to the Las Vegas festival. The Achievers is from the producers of Dogtown & Z-boys and Riding Giants. It was the Official Selection at the San Francisco Indie Film Fest.

The Achievers includes interviews with fans like My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, Lebowski Fest founders Will Russell and Scott Shuffitt, a host of random actors from the film and even The Dude himself Jeff Bridges.

Have you ever geeked out about a movie or television show? It feels like you are caught up in a whirlwind of awesome! It is pretty cool to see the fest progress from such a small gathering of friends to a giant gathering akin to a travelling Grateful Dead concert.

Sadly I have not attended Lebowski Fest, but have felt that I can relate to The Achievers. The Big Lebowski is one of those movie-going experiences that will stay with you forever. I remember the theater that I saw the film and who I saw it with. I’ve seen the movie countless times since then, each one memorable.

Watching The Achievers may not be the same as the attending Lebowski Fest, but it is pretty damn close. If you have the chance to watch the documentary you will definitely want to attend the Fest. Who knows, I might be that guy dressed as Walter or as a bowling pin standing right beside you.

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