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SYTYCD Top 18 Performance Episode Recap

This week is all about leading up to Comic-Con so I’ll be keeping this week’s recap brief. It was a mixed bag with four judges on the panel – Nigel, Mary, with Erin Andrews and Paula Abdul as guest judges. There was just way too much critiquing with that many judges. I want more dance! While normally I would go through every routine, this week I’ll only highlight the very best routines. Let’s get down to it.


SYTYCD Top 18 Group Routine
Christopher Scott & Sonya Tayeh (dream team!)
This was so fantastic to watch, everyone got a chance in the spotlight and I loved how they utilized the stage setting. Watch the full routine here:

Malece & All-Star Marko
Sonya Tayeh Contemporary
I expected Malece to be fantastic in this and was really looking forward to Jade in a contemporary routine. I was very sad to hear he’s out of the competition this season with a torn meninscus (knee injury). He could have really grown on this show. It was a great routine, but ultimately I thought the judges were a little too effusive. How could she not be great with a partner like Marko?

Jasmine & Aaron
Spencer Liff Broadway
They’re just impossibly graceful. They’re both so tall and Aaron especially looks like he wouldn’t be able to move like that, but every week I’m blown away by their skill and technique. I loved this storyline of the ghost and dectective at the crime scene. Also, I was very surprised to hear a song from NBC’s Smash. Honestly never thought that show would be brought up again after the way season 2 crashed and burned, but the original music was always a highlight of that show. You know the storylines and acting weren’t, anyway.

Mackenzie & Paul
Lindsey Neiko’s Contemporary
So glad to see new choreographers in the mix! I was just saying last week that I hoped new choreographers would come in to the mix to put a fire under the butts of some of those underperforming (cough-Tyce-cough). This was a fantastic combination of storyline, song choice, dancing, and emoting. Paul really sold this for me. Between this and last week’s manniquin jazz routine, they’re quickly climbing to the top of my chart.

Eliminated: Jasmine H & Jade, meaning Malece and Alan will be partnered next week.
Bottom 4 Prediction: Curtis, Alexis, Nico, Jenna

What were your favorite routines from tonight?

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