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Two more dancers went home on last night’s So You Think You Can Dance, and it was two of the three tappers still in the competition. The bottom three girls were McKenzie, Alexis, and Jasmine, while the three boys were Alan, Nico, and Curtis, who had to sit out the week with a shoulder injury. These were the bottom three guys I expected from last week, and even though it was just a one week injury for Curtis, he was eliminated, along with fellow tapper Alexis. I didn’t mind Alexis leaving, but I was hoping they would have kept Curtis and axed Alan.  Curtis has the personality and potential to win this competition, and while I enjoy Alan’s dances, I would be shocked if he was the final victor.

Last night’s elimination brought about an ironic twist. Aaron, who was the first person not picked for the Top 20, but was called in after another dancer was injured, is now the last tapper left in the competition, and he has yet to be in the bottom three. If he makes the top 10, he will be the first tapper to do so, and with dances like last night, he has certainly deserved it. Check out Jasmine and Aaron doing a dance inspired by the story of “The Giving Tree.”


None of the other couple numbers really stood out for me, but at the end they had the top 14 divide for two group numbers. The first was a good broadway number by Spencer Liffe, but the second one was truly fantastic. The theme of the dance was bullying, and in it, Fik-shun, Amy, and Alexis were the kids being picked on. It was a powerful dance that got the emotion it deserved from the dancers, and was one of the highlights so far of this season. Check it out.


As far as next week is concerned, I think that the bottom three girls will be Jenna, McKenzie, and Haley, while the boys will be Alan, Nico, and Tucker. If this is the group, then I see Haley and Alan going home.

Who do you think will be in the bottom three next week? Were you ok with Curtis and Alexis going home? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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