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The Showtime hit Dexter is in the middle of it’s eighth and final season, meaning this is the last time that Dexter will be at Comic Con! With not a ton to look forward to for the show, it will be interesting to see what they talk about, and see if the panel serves more as a memorial to the ever popular show as opposed to the traditional teasers you get at Comic Con.

Scheduled to join the panel today are Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Jennifer Carpenter (Deb), James Remar (Harry), and David Zayas (Batista), from the acting side. Executive producers John Goldwyn, Scott Buck, Manny Coto and Sara Colleton.



  They are teasing some surprise guests in the back. Can’t wait to see who it is!

The moderator is up and is talking about how this is goodbye. They are now showing a video of the actors saying goodbye.

It was great to see a few of the past cast members again. The Blu Ray and DVD’s of the final season as well as the complete series on November 5th. The DVD’s will come in a box that mimics the blood slide box, while the Blu Ray’s will come in a prop head like the one that Dexter uses in his lab.

They just aired a montage of some of Dexter’s best kills. My favorite was always the giant guy he had to catch twice I think it was in Season 3.

They are now introducing the panelists, starting with the executive producers. The list is above, and I will post about all the surprise guests!

Aimee Garcia (Jamie) is here, along with Desmond Harringon (Quinn). David Zayas hardly looks recognizable clean shaven. Hmm Yvonne Strahovski is back. Perhaps Hannah McKay will be returning?!

Now those back from the dead: Julie Benz, Lauren Valdez, and the actor who played Sgt. Dokes from Season 2 are here! Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall just walked on. Hall got a standing ovation from the cast and most the room.

Interesting side note. 50% of the writing staff for Dexter are women!

Desmond was asked his thoughts, and he said it was very impressive and that he can’t grasp the scope yet.

John Lithgow couldn’t be here, but he sent along a video thanking everyone. Ahh Season 4 was so good!

Jennifer Carptener is asked how tough this season has been so far.

Jennifer: I feel like a stunt car driver just when you know how Deb is driving it gets scary and complicated.

Michael C Hall on the show ending: I think it hasn’t hit everyone yet probably in 5 or 6 months when there isn’t a script sent out we may know then.

Zayas: The fans are everything they are so invested in the characters from Season 1 to now. It’s interesting listening to them and it’s been great it feels like home when someone recognizes me and are so complimentary about the show.

Desmond on jumping into the show: It was a bit hard to get with it Michael’s work ethic is amazing he knows everything. I came in from a looser environment and I was told to straighten up so I was nervous at first and now I love them like family.

The secret it out! Hannah McKay is coming back! Strahovski let’s it slip that she might be coming back for revenge! She tries to cover it up but doesn’t do a very good job.

Question for Michael: Your character is complex have you developed any rituals for getting into character.

Michael: I think I need to focus on getting out of character. Originally, if it were a kill scene putting on the kill suit was a good ritual. Everyone is helping you get into it so I think that came to be it. I would also look at the kill room when it was set up and imagine I was the one who did it. Now I just need to figure out how to stop.

Michael about Dr. Vogel: She is someone who reframes the entire origins for Dexter. There is a mother son dynamic while also reexamining internally his father. He realizes that Harry was parented. It’s nice as an actor to be mesmerized by someone who is already mesmerizing.

Question for everyone. Talk about the tension and how do you build it and how is it so good.

Manny Cota: It’s a hard question to answer the approach has always been character based. They are great characters, and the drama inertially flows around him.

Dexter was voted as one of the 101 greatest shows in writing in the history of TV by the Writer’s Guild.

Question for group: Are you excited for anything else at Comic Con.

Michael: Always a big Incredible Hulk fan. In a way, I thought Dexter was my way to play the Hulk, but he’s not as green and big.

Aimee: I’ve always been a big Anime fan so I like to check out that wing of the floor.

When you know you are going to die and this is your last scene is there any extra pressure?

Lauren: Yes and no it’s more that you want to do your best and honor the character and the writing for my final episode was so intense and beautiful that I had incredible scenes with everyone. I couldn’t wait to do it I was in the zone and wanted to live it because it wasn’t going to last.

Eric: When you get the pages and know what will happen. He wanted to make sure he thanked Michael C Hall for everything. The scenes in the cabin were amazing, due in large part to Michael.

Question about the morality of the characters. Do you want to root for Dexter or for him to get caught.

Jennifer: It’s a complicated question because it’s like talking about a family member. It’s someone you are going to see again and again. You guys remind me of a car accident I’m watching I’m a live wire until someone says we have it then I recover on the way home. I’ve always wanted to protect him but there are other scenes where I’ve wanted to kill him. It’s interesting.

Question for Michael: This is his second big series after Sx Feet Under. Feelings on TV vs. Movies.

Michael: I learned after Six Feet Under when I thought I was done with TV to never say never so I don’t know. With TV, I’ve been fortunate enough to come in at a time where shows can be around long enough to let characters evolve over time.

Jennifer says that she wants Deb to die and that she wants her to go to the bottom of the abyss. She doesn’t want to know what her character would be thinking if she does end up living and that she wants a closing to the character of Deb.

Julie: I’ve died on many shows before, but as many of you know it was on Sci-Fi shows so I could just come back. With this, I was done and I was sad for a very long time I had a mourning period for her. I think for me it was because it was so sudden I wasn’t prepared for it. She seemed so innocent.

How far ahead do the actors know the surprises ahead?

Erik: The producers let me know in the middle of the season and I knew well in advance. It’s not like Sgt. Dokes could tell Dexter: “I’m watching you” for eight years. So they were great about it.

Lauren: I think it was about Episode 10. Once she was promoted to Captain I thought, “Hmm this is probably the beginning of the end.” I thought about it for months after this person you created lives with you. It’s a loss it’s tough to prepare.

Desmond Harrington has fun with the crowd: I’m still here! Did any of you guys think I would be here more than a year! Didn’t think so!

Question for Michael: Since Dexter does interesting things when stressed, how do you handle stress?

Michael: I do everything that Dexter does, but at the end, I tickle them instead. Playing Dexter has been a way for me to relieve stress so I’m not sure what I will do now. Amm….exercise is always good!

Question for Michael: What piece of the set will you be taking with you?

Michael: I’m going to take Dexter’s watch because I always had it on and it’s part of my day to day. Going to take his ID badge as well. There’s some blood spatter images in Dexter’s lab that I wanted to take, and on the last day, someone had taken them! I also have a nine foot portion of the railing of Dexter’s apartment. I’m going to take it and put it in my back yard! I’m serious.

Aimee said she took Jamie’s necklace. Desmond joked that he stole all the gold that his character wore. Yvonne took the black orchid, and Jennifer said she took…..alot. David put on the hat that Batista always wears.

Are we ever going to see a Harrison spinoff?

Michael: Yeah in 25 years, there will be a spinoff called Harrison, and I will be dead and be his dead, internalized father.

There are five minutes left, and everyone is going to share a few thoughts with the audience and thanking everyone for being a fan. Check out the video below!

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