SDCC ’13: Brian’s Comic-Con Preview

YESSSS!!!  It’s Comic-Con week!  The nerdtastic emotional roller coaster of anxiety. anticipation, and infinite glory!  Praise be to Eddie Ibrahim!  Unfortunately, my day job schedule only allows for me to attend Thursday evening through Friday…so this is going to be a short yet sweet trip.  As a 10+ year veteran of the Con, it is with great regret that my coverage will only be a fraction of what is was last year.  But let’s not dwell on that, here’s what I’m going to be filling your twitter streams with this year:

What I’m most excited about attending is the Adventure Time press conference!  Pendleton Ward‘s multi-generational animated hit on Cartoon Network is beloved the world over, and especially at Comic-Con!  Voice actors Jeremy Shada and John DiMaggio will surely be a blast as we learn all about the newest season of the greatest fantasy/sci-fi/action/comedy on TV!  I will also be doing my best to cover the China, IL panel featuring animation genius Brad Neely and the ever lovable Jeffrey Tambor.  I’m not holding my breath for a Greta Gerwig appearance, but man would that be awesome!  Additionally, I’ll be walking the floor and attending parties/events and tweeting the crap out of all of them!  You can also expect photos of all the coolest cosplay, merch, displays, & spectacle that I encounter at the geek extravaganza!

That’s all I can confirm at this time, but watch my Twitter feed for more updates!

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