SDCC ’13: 20th Century Fox Panel Live-Blog

Now we are almost ready to get the penultimate movie studio panel started here in Hall H, as 20th Century Fox is set to begin. On the schedule, we have X-Men Days of Future Past, and possibly Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and The Wolverine.

The moderator of this panel will be Geoff Boucher, and he has just come out to introduce the first panel. Before that, he teases that Crowdzilla will be taking photos of everyone on the room, and that they can tag themselves online, because “We want to see your faces when you see what we have in store for you guys!”

The first panel will be Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Matt Reeves comes out to talk about the movie, and he didn’t direct the first one, so he has a certain challenge.

Reeves: All those years of watching apes made me want to be an ape. All the people who played these apes made them so emotionally real, and that blew me away. We wanted to start in the world of the apes and make it work on a grander scale. The movie ended with a viral apocalypse, and we knew that we needed to tell the journey of how to get to the actual planet of the apes.

Cast members Jason Clark, Keri Russell, and Andy Serkis are here.

Andy: One of the biggest challenges is taking Caeser, who turned into a leader in the last movie, and turning him into a leader with responsibility. Really Caeser is now in a position where all apes are strong and not only is he 10 years older he’s a leader, a peaceful leader, with a teenage son and wife. It’s about the choices made in reactions to the humans.

Keri: I’m here because of Matt Reeves and his sensibility in taking this story on. He’s made this world where two communities survive independently.

Jason: There’s the great sexy Andy Serkis leading the way, and to Fox’s credit they hired Cirque Du Soliel guys and there are incredible athletes doing these live stunts. It’s extraordinary to watch these guys jump off tall buildings and roll around. In the end, we just want to find our inner ape.

Matt: It helps to know the ending of the story, but the fun is how we get there. It’s a way for us to look at our nature and it’s about our technology and these characters and how we get from A-to-Z.

They are about to show some footage of the movie! It was mainly a tease of what’s to come, but it certainly looks like it has a much grander scale then that of Rise. And just like that, the Apes panel is done!

The Wolverine Panel

James Mangold, the director of the film, is on stage. He says that they are changing the tone a bit, making the action more intense and physical. Logan can’t jump tall buildings and fly, but he has an incredible skeleton, and he has those claws as well.

Hugh Jackman has now been Wolverine in six movies, and James complimented on him, saying that he encapsulates the role in every sense of the word. He also says that Jackman is in the best shape of his life, and it’s incredible after he slimmed down for Les Miserables.

They just showed a two minute montage of action from the movie in 3-d. I must admit that I’ve never been real interested in any of the solo Wolverine movies, but this one….looks badass!

And on cue, Hugh Jackman has arrived! Hugh: This is one of the greatest joys in the business to come here and thank you guys for allowing us to do this.

What can you tell us about the journey for the character?

Hugh: This is something completely fresh. It comes from the Japanese Samuri saga. I’ve wanted to make this movie for 13 years, and as many of you have told me in years past, you finally get to see the Berserker rage in full!

James: We wanted to explore the complexities of a character who goes on living when everyone he loves fades away. We know through the comics that he’s been present through history, but what’s that like? When you lose the people you are intimate with, you start to get low, and we decided to begin this movie after he has lost absolutely everything.

Hugh: I thought we could explore his love of women, and there are four amazing female characters in this film. On behalf of Wolverine, that was a great thing.

James: Hugh was very brave, and he does fights with some of the greatest swordsmen in the world. They would go at it with blades and those were sharp. It was quite impressive.

Question: Superman has been played by five different actors, and you are going to match the total next year. How does that feel?

Hugh: I have to thank the fans because when XMen 1 came out, no one knew how big it would be, and it’s because of you guys that I’m still here and I am internally grateful. I got the part 14 years ago, and it was my first role in America. Many actors were offered the role, and I was way in the reserves, but I knew how great a role it could have been.

Hugh introduces Brian Singer, who he will be working with in a movie soon, which teases us into X-Men Days of Future Past! Now they are going to show a small piece of the film!

Well that looks awesome. And now, they are talking about how big a table it is. What ever could that mean?! He is now introducing the writer Simon Kinberg, Producer Hutch Parker, and most of the cast, including Ellen Page, Sean Ashmore, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, and many more!

Evan: I play Quicksilver, and he’s really fast.

Peter: I play Trask. I’m having flashbacks to yesterday.

Nicolas: It’s amazing to be here it’s scary but thank you all for coming.

Jennifer: She’s definitely taken unto finding her own journey and evolving into the later Mystique that we know.

Michael: It’s great to be back here and to see all these film and comic book enthusiasts.

James: I’m really good, and I can’t be in a room without saying how you doing Comic Con! It’s amazing the passion you have and this is my first time here so it’s really exciting.

Brian: I love ensemble films I started with The Usual Suspects, and there are alot of interesting people to cut to. I’ve worked with these guys as a producer before but not as a director.

Hugh: This is an embarrassment of riches. If I just got to do one of these movies it would be great to do all of these I just can’t believe.

Patrick: We’ve heard the world blessing several times today, but to experience a job like this with people you respect and admire so much is quite extraordinary.

Ian: It’s lovely to be back here in California I feel safe here knowing that Prop 8 is gone. On that note, it’s great to see you again Michael. I don’t want Patrick to get jealous. Because of these movies, we’ve gotten even closer together and we are going to do two plays in Broadway this Autumn.

Halle: What I’ve always loved about Storm is that she’s the earth mother of the group and that’s part of my personality that I channel. She’s the voice of reason, but also is a badass. What I hate about Storm is that she doesn’t get any love. When I got called back to do it, I was immediately in, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend time then with these people.

Anna: It’s amazing alot has happened in the last 13 years but it’s incredibly exciting to come back I was cast when I was 17 and it’s great to be back.

Sean: Bobby’s back. I can say the same as everyone else we get to come back every four or five years and it’s amazing to be back with old friends. I think there will be a ton of cool stuff that people have wanted and been waiting to see.

Ellen: When I did the first one, I had never been on a set remotely to that size or scale and it blew my mind. The group I joined was already close but they were so welcome and opening it was great.

Omar: My character is Bishop. He’s from the future and he fights for survival like all of us.

Fan Questions: Since the Xmen Universe is expanding, is there any room for Deadpool?

Brian: Anything is possible not for this specific movie. The XMen universe is so large that I think there’s room for growing and expanding.

If Wolverine and Iron Man met and didn’t get along what would happen?

Hugh: I don’t want to be responsible for taking down Iron Man. I’m in for that some sort of huge mashup, but there’s people way above me who will decide that.

If you could be a different Xmen character, who would you be and why?

Jennifer: The good thing about my character is I can do that to anybody.

Hugh has done several ensemble and solo movies. How is it different?

Hugh: In terms of preparation no different Wolverine is Wolverine. Let’s be honest I’m turning up to work with an ensemble like this everyday I’m grateful and I thank my lucky stars.

Brian about Quicksilver: It took a while for us to find the right guy for it, and I’m a huge fan of Evan. Evan: He’s very fast he’s a spaz everything is quick he’s always at an ATM waiting for the asshole in front of him to finish.

Question for Hugh: You starred in Musicals and Blockbusters. What do you bring from each in your work?

Hugh: There won’t be any singing as Wolverine that’s for sure. Every film requires something different it’s just so weird to play a character seven times. This is my fourth time here at Comic Con, and I decided to get into my full Wolverine costume, and no one stopped me. One person said, not bad, another said, too tall buddy.

Who was your favorite character growing up?

Evan: Wolverine
Peter: Mystique
Nicholas: Beast and Magneto
Jennifer: Storm
Michael: Mystique
James: Gambit
Brian: Professor X
Hugh: Deadpool
Patrick: I would like to play any female character in any Xmen movie because then I might have a shot at winning an Academy award.
Ian: Angel
Halle: Mystique
Anna: Wolverine
Sean: Nightcrawler
Ellen: Bishop
Omar: Professor X

That wraps up the Xmen panel!

Stay tuned for more from 20th Century Fox.

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