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Grand Theft Auto V: New Gameplay Trailer

Rockstar Games has just released a new gameplay trailer for their l’enfant terrible Grand Theft Auto V today. The ambitious, sprawling game take players back to the state of San Andreas, not visited since their 2004 masterpiece Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 

Take a gander:

Holy crap, it has colors in it. Remember those? Back when game design was about visual pop and not brown and grey corridors? Grand Theft Auto V promises players a more interactive and colorful world this time around. GTA IV was an impressive technical and design achievement, and the reimagined Liberty City was fun to traverse, but the game left me underwhelmed overall by its oppressive grimness and depressing storyline. San Andreas in GTA V looks fresh, lively, and easy on the eyes. It’s an excellent swansong for the current generation of consoles, and a welcoming party for the scaled up next-gen versions.

The feature I’m most excited about is the ability to plan your own heists. Hopefully, it’s a robust, creative system with multiple possibilities for success and failure, and not just a binary sneak/kick the door down example shown in the trailer. The variety of distractions and minigames looks promising. They look promising. How they actually feel is a total mystery. The multiplayer component is also a total mystery, with Rockstar promising to showcase it better in the future.

gta V

Open world games have a nagging issue of feeling populated with NPC robots and sterile environments. Skyrim, looking at you, buddy. I know, that’s exactly what they are, but they shouldn’t feel that way. Rockstar Games’ biggest challenge is connecting both depth and variety in such a way that the game world is populated with the successful illusion of a functioning city. GTA IV did this magnificently, then forgot to add in anything fun for the player to do, except take Roman bowling and hear him talk about “beeg Americahn teetees.”

Grand Theft Auto V is officially announced for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17, 2013. Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions are expected, but not formally announced as of yet.

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